Thursday, 6th October 2022
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23 Sep
For a country ravaged by senseless killings of innocent citizens by terrorists, bandits and kidnappers, it is pathetic and totally unwholesome that some Nigerians have decided to embark on exterminating people they call witches.
17 Jul
The coven, which is the operational base of witchcraft is characterised by lots of wicked activities. It is indeed the dark place of the earth and as such full of lies, robbery and torture.
24 Apr
Witchcraft is the least, but most deadly and notorious department among the powers of darkness. The practitioners are very ruthless in their mode of operation.
10 Mar
The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) condemns the torture, ill-treatment of animals in the name of witchcraft across Nigeria and beyond. As in the case of humans
13 Feb
Claire Mitchell and Zoe Venditozzi are fighting for pardons for all those executed for witchcraft in Scotland, the vast majority of whom were women, and for a memorial to those forgotten by history. "Between the 16th and 18th century in Scotland, approximately 4,000 people were accused of witchcraft," explained Mitchell, a lawyer who founded the…
25 Jun 2021
Magistrate Adamu Abdulrazak of Adamawa Chief Magistrate Court IV has ordered the remand of four men accused of witchcraft. They are to remain in the correctional center for allegedly afflicting and hallucinating two people. The accused - Sani Bolere Baban Yello, Kero Jediel, Babangida Amos and Zebulun Bejamin were said to have held two of…
8 Feb 2021
This is an open letter to the Chief Justice of Nigeria and other chief judges. It has come to the notice of our organisation - the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW)
28 Jun 2020
A group of leading United Nations (UN) experts, academics, practitioners and activists have called for urgent action to demystify the link between misconceptions...
4 May 2020
First of all, it is a myth to think that witches have wings and can fly and perch on trees or house tops and that they operate only at night, or that witches are black or white.
27 Mar 2020
The existence of witches is a socio-cultural given, an idea that has been taken for granted across societies and communities in Nigeria.
9 Feb 2020
“Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these: Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, jealousies, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, contentions, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not…
19 Jan 2020
A sister had a dream, where she was given a knife to cut the neck of a cow. When she cut it, the cow started shedding tears. She woke up not knowing the meaning of the dream. The next morning, her daughter, who was a student in a polytechnic, got hit by a car, as…


36 mins ago
Former Director, Customer Engagement and Performance responsible for leading Customer Compliance and Risk efforts for Sub-Saharan Africa at Mastercard, Emmanuel Efenure has joined Flutterwave as Head of Risk for Africa.
41 mins ago
The Executive Secretary, Domestic and Sexual Violence agency (DSVA) Mrs TitiLola Vivour-Adeniyi, has reiterated the government's resolve to ensure the menace of all forms of Sexual and gender-based violence cases becomes totally eradicated from society with the sentencing /conviction of Alfa Abdulsalam Salaudeen to life imprisonment. In a statement, on Thursday, Vivour-Adeniyi maintained the need…
44 mins ago
In Nigeria today, 70% of people now have a side hustle to increase their sources of income. There are cases of Bankers who sell shoes on Instagram, Office Receptionists who run online skincare businesses, and restaurant owners who have POS kiosks just in front of their shops. 
52 mins ago
Just a week ago, 34-year-old Ibrahim Traore was an unknown, even in his native Burkina Faso. But in the space of a weekend, he catapulted himself from army captain to the world's youngest leader -- an ascent that has stoked hopes but also fears for a poor and chronically troubled country. Traore, at the head…
56 mins ago
Indonesia's police chief on Thursday said six people had been charged over a football stadium disaster that killed 131 at the weekend. "Based on the investigation and sufficient evidence, we have determined six suspects," national police chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo told a press conference. The six people charged with negligence causing death include three police…