Friday, 22nd October 2021
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Yemisi Adegoke

11 Apr 2018
Last week, armed robbers stormed five banks in Offa local government, Kwara state.Eyewitnesses reported that attackers ‘shot aimlessly’ as they ‘blew up entrances’ to banks.
14 Feb 2018
By accounts from those who knew him, Dr Orji was a brilliant doctor. He worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in Surulere and was described as ‘gentle,’ by his neighbours. But he also struggled.
9 Aug 2017
In certain schools of political thought, from time to time, the elite classes drop crumbs of hope to pacify the masses. These crumbs are dropped to propagate the belief that a shift is underway that will eventually lead to real political change. The passing of the Not Too Young to Run Bill, is one of…
12 Jul 2017
Last month, after the UK General Elections, Abike Dabiri, the Nigerian Special Assistant for Diaspora Affairs, sent a letter of congratulations to seven newly-elected British Members of Parliament of Nigerian descent.
28 Jun 2017
They didn’t use whatever money they acquired to buy food or pay medical bills. It was spent on clothes, private jets, all to promote a lifestyle they couldn’t afford but felt they were entitled to.
24 May 2017
Since moving here I have been asked many times to describe Lagos. Questions like: is it dangerous? Fun? Exciting? Chaotic? Is the traffic as bad as they say?
10 May 2017
I’ve never really thought much about the way I talk. Probably because I’ve always been more concerned with what I’m saying as opposed to how I’m saying it.
19 Mar 2017
Success has many parents, failure is an orphan.” Growing up, this was an adage I heard a lot and it’s one that has resonated with me. Everyone wants to be associated with success.
9 Oct 2016
Next week is Felabration, by far one of my favourite weeks in the calendar, where the music and life of Fela Kuti will be celebrated through different events across Lagos.
1 Oct 2016
When I was younger Nigerian Independence Day was kind of a big deal. My friends and I would paint our faces, don our flags and head down to Stratford Rex (or wherever the big Independence Day party was) and dance the night away in celebration. What exactly we were celebrating was somewhat abstract. None of…
28 Aug 2016
There are lots of misconceptions about returnees the group of people some of you like to call I Just Got Back, but one of the most common assumption is that we're all the same.
21 Aug 2016
When I tell people I’m in Lagos for the long haul, the response is usually positive. They say things like: ‘You’ve come back home, well done’ or ‘Welcome home!’Usually followed by something along the lines....


1 hour ago
US actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun that killed a cinematographer and wounded the director on a film set in New Mexico, US law enforcement officers said Thursday. The incident happened on the set of "Rust" in the southwestern US state, where Baldwin is playing the lead in a 19th-century western. Halyna Hutchins and…
1 hour ago
Getting to work on time might not sound like a big deal but is a bigger one than you think it is. If you keep getting to work late then you might end up getting fired sooner than you thought and it is not a good idea. However, if you set a proper schedule and…
1 hour ago
After speculations about his health and whereabouts since his re-arrest in June, the detained leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, finally appeared in court...
1 hour ago
There is this negative image developed of socializing at work that when you mention socializing at work to someone then they think about the office gossip, slackers at the water cooler or the dirty politics that are going on in the office but that is not the case in today’s norm.  Nowadays, socializing in offices…
2 hours ago
Accountability and transparency issues continue to trail Federal Government’s N1.1 trillion COVID-19 intervention fund to the private sector as an assessment conducted by The Guardian...