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The big technology leaps and support for SolarEagles in 2019


The title and trophy for the World’s first ever dark side of the moon landing has been audaciously claimed by the Chinese Aerospace Industry. A huge achievement in itself added to their launch of the first quantum satellite.

This is the work of Jian-Wei Pan, China’s father of Quantum. The #ChangE4 spacecraft on 3rd of January 2019 landed successfully on this most remote  area of earth’s satellite rarely seen which has one of the largest craters in the solar system, the South pole- Aitken Basin. This side was first photographed by the Luna 3 space probe. About 18% of the far side of the moon is visible from earth on occasions due to what is called Liberation. The Soviet Academy of Science published the first atlas of the moon’s far side in the same year Nigeria got its independence in 1960.

NASA’s Apollo 8 astronauts were the first to see with the naked eye this side of the Moon. Incidentally, Chinese companies are already mass producing toy samples of the ChangE4 to further inspire its future generations of space engineers, astronauts, scientists, innovators, inventors, disruptors and makers, awakening a sense of duty for them to carry on in the footsteps of their legends of today. And all these achievements are under the watch of President Xi Jinping. The question is what is Nigeria’s current leadership doing in the aerospace field or any science or technology subsector you may ask? The Chinese are referred to as the most determined people in the history of humanity. 


A Google-backed vertical farm startup raised another $90milion recently to build in cities across the US. Bowery farm is taking its technological knowhow to a grander scale at a time Nigeria’s entire agricultural sector is plagues by controversy, a lack of consistent application of bigdata from satellite imagery, an age long chaotic farm to fork value chain, inhibited further by terrorism, a dearth of scientific R&D advancement and the challenges of climate change. All these challenges have taken a toll on our GDP and brand valuation as a nation. It’s key to add that findings by the Economist shows that about one-third of humanity will own a smartphone by the end of 2019. Each device contains mined elements from all over the world inclusive of Nigeria. 

The award winning and reputed columnist, Abimbola Adelakun, had in the past taken some swipes at past Ministers of a Science and Technology and also particularly the current one Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu. She had especially x-rayed his four years in office with unencouraging pointers given his weightless comments about what our direction of industrialisation should be – captured in a pencil remark in 2015 and on the quest of this President Buhari administration to put a Nigerian astronaut in orbit by 2030.

One of the articles is titled “What does the Ministry of Science and Technology Do, Really?” and another with the headline “Astronaut 2030: Lazy Nigeria Fantasies”. With the support of my Solar Eagles colleagues i had officially written to him to request funding for astronaut training with no response till today. In the light of questions highlighted in the articles above mentioned by Abimbola Adelakun I will introduce the Nigeria Solar Eagles National Team. We are a very aware fraternity of scientifically capable persons, who crave Nigeria’s need to embrace a constitutionally driven technology national culture.

The SolarEagles’ project is centred on the building and testing of the intelligent 9Jabolt solar car due to compete at the World Solar Challenge in Adelaide, Australia in October 2019. This project offers a piece to ownership  to every contributor especially Nigerians, as the Solar Eagles accrete the best brains on behalf of Nigeria with a force for positive development to shape technological possibilities and outcomes in the short, medium and long term. Therefore the SolarEagles call on your most expedient action in whatever capacity to support our gofundme project as we quest for the World Solar Challenge in October 2019.

The ingenuity and mental doggedness put to the test in our work has led us to strive to pursue originality of industrial design in achieving the exterior look and engine power system. It is part of our R&D ambition to introduce a WIPO (patented) complementary self sustaining low carbon signature electrical energy system and/or a self-perpetuating electronic miniature sustainable system to generate power and store in lithium ion batteries besides the use of solar panels made of perovskite. Some enthusiasts have called us the answer to America and Elon Musk’s Tesla and Russian Kalashnikov-CV1, but then we have asked they be patient till we achieve our mark.

The SolarEagles can be referred to as Nigeria’s first technology national team with its own custom designed jersey and Federation and we are also known as the Nigeria EcoRacing Team. We are pushing for an establishment an Act of the National Assembly from Q3, 2019. The process has started.


The expertise and partnership collaborations on this project are being sourced based on pursuing marketing relationships with General Electric (GE), Wolfram-Mathematica,  Eaton, Microsoft365, LIT, Coca Cola, Bas Lansdorp/Mars One, Siemens, SmartAlliance, Aggrey Button, Result Science/Cost Science, SATFORMS, Science Ambassadors Foundation (SAF) and a host of other partners to be unveiled. Heureka Ent. Limited is the firm vested with the responsibility to aggregate all the foreign and key local content partners who are on standby to supply Artificial intelligence, Robotics expertise, Intelligent Software etc. The SolarEagles intend for the 9Jabolt solar car’s building process to be followed globally, contributed to and watched via a Reality TV style broadcast like BigBrother (Naija). 

The “Solar Eagles” have pursued this R&D project for six years now. The SolarEagles National Team is a National Property which will be passed on to future generation. Our works and interviews can be viewed via

The Renewable Motorsport event called “The World Solar Challenge” is a more than 30 year event and holds biennially in Adelaide, Australia. The SolarEagles are to be Africa’s only team at the event in October 2019 and seek key partnerships and sponsorship to finalise this paradigm shifting project.
Ebube-George is the Chief Scientist/Team Captain, Nigeria Solar Eagles National Team, wrote from Lagos.

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