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Stem Cells Can Repair Damaged Spinal Cord, Says Scholar


Higgins PHOTO:

Higgins PHOTO:

THERE seems to be a ray of hope for persons suffering from terminal diseases through recent major breakthroughs in stem cell technology.

Persons diagnosed with diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cardiac failure and those suffering from irreparable injury as spinal cord can benefit from it.

According to Prof. Christopher Higgins, a Regenerative Medicine scholar and Pro Chancellor of Durham University, United Kingdom (UK), stem cell therapy has the cure for the diseases and replacement of damage done to human spinal chord.

Higgins, who is also the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the university made these disclosures yesterday while delivering the 11th Mosobolaje Oyawoye Faculty of Science Endowed Lecture at the University of Ilorin.

Delivering the lecture entitled, “Stem Cell Research: Science, Medicine and Ethics”, he said, “I am sure everybody here has a relative or close friend who suffers from diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cardiac failure or a major irreparable injury such as spinal cord damage. These diseases affect millions of people, their friends and relatives.

“What do these diseases all have in common? They are all not so much caused by something going wrong within a cell or organ, but are caused by complete loss of a specific cell type … Stem cells have the prospect of a cure as they offer the opportunity to put back into the body brand new functioning cells to replace those which have been damaged or degenerated.”

Higgins canvassed a universal agreement through the United Nations on what areas of stem cells should be permissible due to its benefits to humankind, rather than sharply criticising it because of those extending its importance to human cloning.”

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  • LOL! If you know as much about science as you do about spelling… 😉

  • stevie68a

    Of course, the religitards are against this. Leave it to Jeebus to fix everything.