Monday, 3rd October 2022
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22 Sep
AFRICA, the world’s fastest developing and demographically youngest continent, continues to carry a disproportionately high share of the malaria burden in the world.
22 Sep
The management of Burjeel Medical City (BMC), a multi-specialty tertiary care hospital and clinical research Centre in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has announced its readiness to collaborate with the Nigerian healthcare...
22 Sep
Recent findings suggest the prevalence and cases of Alzheimer’s disease (senile dementia) have increased in Nigeria over the last two decades. However, population-wide response to dementia is lacking.
22 Sep
The weather has been very cold in recent times. This is not unconnected with heavy rains that have characterised this season. Unfortunately, it is a season that comes with cold, cough, catarrh, sore throat, malaria...
22 Sep
One Wellness Centre in affiliation with Fetal Medicine Foundation Belgium has unveiled its state-of-the-art fertility centre in a bid to boost proper diagnosis and proffer solutions to reproductive healthcare in the country.
18 Sep
The World Health Organisation (WHO), recently directed health institutions to embrace bloodless medicine and surgery for better healthcare, effective patient management and to boost outcomes.
18 Sep
Dr. Julius Gbenga Olaogun, an honorary consultant to the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital and senior lecturer at Ekiti State University, specialises in cancer treatment.
17 Sep
A primary healthcare facility located in Kano, EHA Clinics, has been awarded the ISO certification by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). The clinic was awarded ISO 15189/2012 (Medical Laboratory Testing Haematology) for its ability to meet the extensive criteria of the standard designed to improve the quality and reliability of its medical laboratories.…
16 Sep
Africa, the world's fastest developing and demographically youngest continent, continues to carry a disproportionately high share of the malaria burden in the world. The unsavoury situation has had devastating implications on the continent's economy and the general well-being of the people, causing the eradication of the disease to become one of the most critical challenges it faces in its race to be a global powerhouse.
16 Sep
Medication Errors are a principal cause of injury and avoidable harm in healthcare systems, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimating the annual global cost linked with medication errors at US$ 42 billion.
16 Sep
Health, stakeholders say, is one of most expensive basic necessities of life. Several reports have shown that less than 20 per cent of Primary Health Care (PHC) centres in Nigeria are functional and more than 80 per cent of these facilities..
16 Sep
I think it’s innovative. There are lessons to be learnt for scale up applications. Of course, as a health system person, I have had opportunity of studying options like this.


10 mins ago
At least seven people in Haiti have died from cholera, authorities said Sunday, raising fresh fears of a resurgent epidemic in the crisis-wracked Caribbean nation.
15 mins ago
The United States will help Taiwan "develop the capability to defend itself" from a Chinese invasion, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Sunday, stopping short of President Joe Biden's vow to send troops to the island.
19 mins ago
Burkina Faso's junta leader agreed to step down on Sunday, religious and community leaders said, two days after army officers announced his ouster in a coup that sparked internal unrest and international condemnation.
26 mins ago
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden head to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico on Monday, in a bid to show solidarity with a US territory whose people have complained of neglect after past natural disasters.
1 hour ago
Drum roll, because it’s that time of the year again. And yes, we are referring to our beloved country, Nigeria’s Independence Day. While the day is widely known for celebrating the years since we gained freedom from colonial masters (62 to be precise), it’s also an opportunity for you to worry less about what colour…