Thursday, 18th August 2022
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14 May
Footwear has, undeniably, become one of the basic needs for every human. As a result of the necessity attached to it across the world, smart producers and sellers of sneakers continue to stock top quality in order to retain customer patronage.
14 May
I have been married to my husband for a couple of months but we have been together a little while. I am 23 years and he is 41 years of age. He’s a divorcee. A few months before my husband and I started dating, I went wild just drinking and acting stupid.
5 Mar
I wrote this book to help this generation because there is this thinking that this generation lacks something it already has. For me, this is the best generation but a lot of people are doing the right things with the wrong mindset.
9 Oct 2021
Renowned global luxury fashion house, Montblanc, has stretched its imprint to the shores of Lagos, opening its first West African retail boutique in the Lekki axis of the state.
28 Sep 2021
In a society where matchmaking is fairly new, with no blueprint and tested marketing plan to follow, it calls for a go-getter to step in, thrive and make a fortune out of the business. That is exactly what Nkpubre Arit Edet has been doing in the last seven years since birthing LagosMatchmaker, and her business…
26 Sep 2021
In the world today, matchmakers trade on the belief that romantic love is something akin to a human right, and the modern online dating service is just one of many examples of a dating system where technology is invoked almost as a magic charm with the capacity to bring happiness. Bringing happiness to people has…
28 Aug 2021
I have always loved writing. Writing is not a passing fancy, not a hobby but the very life itself. I remember when I told my friends, way back in university, that I want to write to live and live to write, the look of consternation..
23 Aug 2021
Business magnate and boss of Royal Hairs, Steve Maduka shut down the city of Lagos recently as he tied the knot with his lover, Sandra Iheuwa. The glamorous wedding, which took place at the Monarch Event Center, Lekki, Lagos on August 15, 2021, has been described as a talk-of-the-town. Actor and comedian Okey Bakassi was…
31 Jul 2021
The dating scene can be a bit of a minefield. Between stay-at-home orders and job-induced burnout, connecting with someone on an emotional level can be tricky. And when you add a herpes diagnosis into the mix, things can become even more complicated. Although it’s one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and health organizations…
19 Jun 2021
Father’s Day is tomorrow. For many of us who, for some reasons, could have forgotten that the day is celebrated yearly, this is a timely reminder.
12 Jun 2020
Didi Edet is a United States certified and award-winning dating coach in Nigeria. She has been matchmaking for over 7 years but got her certification from the United States in 2015. The platform Lagosmatchmaker was created as a need for privacy in this dating age. It is a privacy-focused matchmaking platform for singles over 25years…
24 Apr 2020
On Saturday, the 11th of April, Yul Edochie, a Nigerian actor, took to Twitter to celebrate his daughter on her 15th birthday. His message was innocuous, and one would expect, as in most situations where a person wishes their loved one a ‘happy birthday’ on social media, that others would join them in celebrating. The…
22 Mar 2020
Almost every new mum and indeed every mother has a lot to thank their grandmothers for. Without the help of grandmothers in the home, juggling a business, career, the kids and even the family...


13 mins ago
It would appear some of our fellow men are sensing certain developments from occurrences around us and in the world in general. Such sensing often leads to reflection....
1 day ago
At least 26 people died and dozens of others were injured in forest fires that ravaged 14 districts of northern Algeria on Wednesday, the interior minister said.
1 day ago
A bus crash east of Morocco's economic capital Casablanca on Wednesday left 23 people dead, a health official said, marking one of the deadliest such accidents in recent years.
1 day ago
A Russian strike killed at least three people and wounded 10 others in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Wednesday, the city's mayor said. The attack started a fire in a block of flats in the northeastern city, Igor Terekhov said on the Telegram app. Kharkiv was besieged in the first days of the invasion…
1 day ago
The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) on Wednesday, said that the national grid has been shutdown following the industrial dispute by the two in-house unions in the company.