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No man is an island


We are all constantly fighting for something. Many of us have been fighting all our lives.

Fighting for success, fighting for happiness, fighting for friends, fighting against enemies, fighting for individuality…everyday we all engage in some type of fight. But, you do not have to fight everyone and everything all the time. You do not have to always believe that it is you against the world. People are there to help you, let them.

No man is an island. By always being on defense you block out the many blessings and opportunities that might present themselves.

This type of behaviour is detrimental to your professional, personal and spiritual growth.

By going through life constantly thinking that you have to struggle is exactly what you will end up doing…struggling in life. Sometimes, there are things that come easy in life. You do not have to struggle for everything.

It is much easier to make people your friends than everyone an enemy. It’s easier to work together than to work alone.

Pick your battles wisely; remember you are not equipped to fight everyone. If you choose the wrong battle against the wrong opponent you may never recover.

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