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September Go, Girl! Women


Shade Ladipo

Go, Girl! is an event that empowers women with diverse backgrounds and stories by bringing them together in a relaxed environment to sit, listen and learn from each other’s experiences, challenges, mistakes and victories. Created and put together by Workstation in partnership with Guardian Woman, Dalberg and The 9-To-5 Chick, this event holds monthly at Workstation Bar Beach.

Every month, a successful woman making strides in her career and everyday life is selected and celebrated to share her experiences and journey. In September, Workstation featured two women who are making a difference in how we see and connect with the rest of the world. They are Shade Ladipo, Country Director for WeConnect Nigeria and Amin Ameen, Founder of Everything Na Art. Both women give a captivating account to just what it takes to striking the right balance, excelling and remaining relevant in corporate, tech and media industries.

‘IF I Can Help Just One Woman To Make Running Her Business Easier, Then I Want To Do It’

Tell us briefly about your career journey.

I started as a Radio intern at EKO FM in 2001 while I was at the University of Lagos.

I then moved to Brila FM then Metro FM. I was one of the first student OAPs for UnilagFM when it began and also started a syndicated radio show in 2003, which ran for two years around Nigeria, all while I was in the University of Lagos.

After leaving University in 2006, I decided to stop radio and moved to Benin Republique to study French at the Universite D’Abomey Calavi.

While I was there, I volunteered with the UN where I handled travel logistics (this was where I got the taste for travel).

I have worked in PR with MTVBase and Clients Services/Account & Management in an Advertising agency and in 2008/2009 I started co-hosting Rubbin Minds on Channels TV.

In 2008, I worked with an Event Management Company called No Surprises and the CEO Funmi Victor-Okigbo taught me a lot. In 2010, I left her to start my Travel Company Avienti.

Since then, I have co-founded EnoughIsEnough Nigeria with Chude Jideonwo, I was nominated as one of the FoundNG members of the Lagos Global Shapers and represented Nigeria at World Economic Forum Events around the world.

I went back part-time into radio and co-hosted a show on Smooth FM while also being Country Director for WEConnect International (whew).

How do you strike the perfect work-life balance?

I try to combine everything I love. I make sure now that I choose projects that are fun and interesting to me, but more importantly, to my purpose in Life.

What did you like most about the Go, Girl! event?

I like the easy-going atmosphere and how interactive it was.

Creating enterprise and business connections and opportunities for women is said to be very challenging.

How do you cope with these challenges?

The mind-sets is the most challenging thing I have discovered. First, the mindsets of women to do more and the mindsets of men and institutions to not doing enough.

My job is to use everyday to break down these barriers using every aspect of life.

What inspires you to empower women?

I am a woman, lol. Being a woman in business, I sure would have appreciated someone helping me eight years ago when I started my business. If I can help just one woman to make running her business easier then I want to do it.

Amin Ameen

‘I Love To Pour Into People To See Them Accomplish Things’
Tell us briefly about your career journey

My career is dichotomous. I’ve worked as an engineer in the United States for over 13 years now where I’ve held diverse and value added roles.

I started out as a freshman in college to having supervisory/management roles in Environment Health and Safety, Gas Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Asset Management and Project Management.

This side of my career, although very corporate, has shaped the way I view people and their capabilities. It has also shaped the way I see and approach the idea of “work”.

I have always had a creative side. I am really grateful for the ability to think outside of the box and use my gifts in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

My career and my “life’s work” involve different aspects of who I am including, but not limited to, my education, my personality, and my creativity joining at the intersection called “Everything Na Art”.

How do you strike the perfect work-life balance?

Work- life balance? What’s that? I, like probably many others, struggle with this. I would say every day is another chance to get things right. Some days I’m pretty awesome at my 9-5, other days I’m more awesome in my creative endeavours.

However, I always pat myself on the back, after all, I could just quit it all. But where would the fun be in that? So I get up and try my best everyday. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t know the difference between my work and my play.

What did you like most about the Go, Girl! event?

I love that girls are actually “going”! And men. We need more “connection-type” events like this. We need more stories to be heard.

People love to relate to something and if they can connect somehow to someone’s genuine story; it’s truly a beautiful thing to watch unfold. Great job guys!
Creating enterprise and business connections and opportunities for women is said to be very challenging.

How do you cope with these challenges?

Creating enterprise and business connections is actually challenging for everyone. Not just us women. I think that the key to overcoming some of these challenges is to continue wanting to learn and grow.

I also believe that “showing” up ready to “do the actual work” will help make those challenges seem more like opportunities instead. We have to do the work. No shortcuts. The idea is not to “cope” but to conquer. Here is where we separate the masters from the “masterclasses”.

What inspires you to empower women?

There’s an African proverb that says, “If you teach a woman. You teach a nation.”

I believe that people in general are the greatest resource of our lifetime. I love to pour into people to see them accomplish things with just the start of the simple belief system that they “can do it”.

It is refreshing to see someone who lacks confidence eventually start to grow and see themselves as a doer and not just a wisher. It’s a game changer.

It has been such an honour to have people come to me for advice in both their careers and in their entrepreneurial exploits. I don’t take it for granted.

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