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12 Dos And Don’ts For A Flawless Skin And Face


Skincare | Daily Sun

Having beautiful skin and flawless face is a common goal for the majority, which is achievable with a proper skincare routine that works for your skin type.

Here are few things to do and not do to the skin especially the face.


  • Always remove makeup before going to bed. This helps the skin to breathe and prevent the pores from clogging overnight which may lead to blemishes. Use olive oil to clean off makeup if you are out of makeup remover.
  • Treat yourself right and take a spa day and also engage in some stress relief exercises like yoga or meditation frequently.
  • Always wash your face two or three with warm water daily and gently massage your face to reduce stress and firm the skin.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water daily to stay hydrated and take fruits that contain a high quantity of water like orange or watermelon.
  • Engage in some light exercise daily to help the body regulate blood properly and stimulate the cleaning process of the body.
  • Always eat healthily. Eat lots of fruit and vegetable and stay away from sugary foods and beverages.


  • Forget your beauty sleep, get at least 7 or 8 hours of nightly sleep and don’t forget to remove dead skin from the face by exfoliating once or twice a week.
  • Forget to perform a light facial exercise for your jawline and relax the facial muscles.
  • Forget to wipe off sunglasses or glasses before putting them back on and don’t pop your pimples as it can result in redness and swelling and it may leave a scar.
  • Forget to moisturize face at night but don’t use hot water because it dries up the skin.
  • Forget your skincare routine before a workout and get rid of dirt and sweat after.
  • Forget to get your Vitamins and Protein and avoid spicy foods, fried foods, and salt.
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