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3 Beauty Benefits Of Baking Soda

3 Beauty Benefits Of Baking Soda

So many times, it has been advised to avoid the use of chemicals on your face. This is to avoid unnecessary breakouts that may be dangerous to your skin.

However, there are some everyday home items that are beneficial and you will not need to break the bank to get. One of these items is Baking Soda, what some call baking powder.

There are so many health and beauty benefits of baking soda. It also has little or no side effects. Below are some beauty benefits of baking soda according to Be Beautiful:

Clears Acne and Breakouts
The exfoliating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of baking soda for skin can help reduce the reoccurrence of pimples and acne. To use baking soda as an acne-fighting agent, mix 1-2 tsp. of the compound to a gentle facial cleanser. Mix warm water to turn it into a paste-like consistency and apply on affected areas. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Tightens Pores
Baking soda shrinks the size of your pores, thereby preventing dirt and other particulate matter from clogging them. In order to use baking soda as an astringent or toner, mix about a tablespoon of it into a bottle of water and apply it to your face. The solution works even better when refrigerated for a while before being used over your skin.

Helps the skin glow
When it is mixed with certain juices like orange, it can provide your skin with multiple benefits. The healing properties of such a solution can boost the collagen levels of your skin while also cleaning out any impurities that might be present.

In addition to a glowing complexion, if you wish to get rid of any spots, scars (especially those left behind by acne or pimples) or blemishes on your skin, mixing baking soda with lemon juice will help you create an effective and natural bleaching solution.

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