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3 Reasons You Should Include Tiger Nuts In Your Diet

Popularly termed “aya” by the Hausa’s, these nuts are one of the earliest recorded plants cultivated in ancient Egypt which serve as oral medications.

Counted among the healthiest plants in the world, tiger nuts are known to help in the prevention of a number of diseases like heart attack, thrombosis and helps activate blood circulation. It also has the capabilities of reducing the risks of colon cancer.

Apart from these listed benefits, here are other reasons why your diet must include these nuts:

Prevention of bacterial infection

Another wonderful health benefit of tiger nuts is that it helps the body fight bacteria. Recent studies have shown that tiger nuts can be used to fight bacterial infection such as ecoli and salmonella.

Other bacterial infection such as streptococcus can be tackled using tiger nuts as medication.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Tiger nuts are a rich carrier of potassium. This nutrient is said to be very useful when it comes to lowering blood pressure.

Besides potassium, the magnesium in the nuts also helps regulate the heartbeat and maintain normal blood pressure levels.

Prevents Malnutrition

In under-developed nations where it is difficult for everyone to have access to highly nutritious food, tiger nuts can serve as a healthy option because it contains nutrients such as carbohydrate, fat, fiber, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, iron and zinc.

Studies have also shown that the golden brown tiny tubers contain many beneficial vitamins that are capable of meeting the nutritional needs of those lacking any.

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