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The Clear Signs That Tell You “It’s Time To Leave” That Relationship


Relationships can be tricky. It is so amazing when the going is smooth but when you make a wrong turn and get on a rocky road, it gets painful.

Many of us need to know when to look at our relationships from a different viewpoint.

Sometimes, you have to leave a relationship and put yourself first in order to become truly happy once again. However, to determine whether or not it is time to take a bow, you must be on the lookout for these signs:

Consistent Unhappiness

Obviously, you can’t be always happy in a relationship because that’s unrealistic. But you should feel supported, safe and loved a great deal. If you start to feel consistently unhappy, maybe it‘s time to ask yourself why. There is no shame to admit that your relationship is not offering you the same contentment that it once did and choose to leave.

Lack of support and trust

Support is key in every relationship. You ought to feel that your partner believes in what you’re doing and is behind you one hundred per cent. If you’re not feeling that in your relationship, it can be damaging and can affect your happiness. In addition, the foundation of all relationships should also be, trust. Losing trust is often a sign that something is wrong within your relationship, and you’ll need to address it.

However, if you feel you’re past the rebuilding phase, ending the relationship could be a possibility.

Any form of Abuse

If your partner has abused you in any way – emotionally, sexually, physically, even financially – then that is a clear sign you should, at least, consider leaving. Abuse is very damaging, and the abuser can often try and convince you to stay in the relationship. If this is the case, you should leave for your own safety.

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