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3 Steps To Overcoming Heartbreak This Valentine Season

Love is in the air and while for those in happy relationships, it is one of the best and most memorable times, for others it is a so-so period. For those at the bottom of the so-so spectrum, the case is even worse. Valentine triggers their broken hearts.
For people in this category, Labrinth’s Jealous reminds them of what could have been.

We understand your pain and that is why we are here to help. Here is how to overcome in this turbulent time:

Look On The Bright Side

We understand that a breakup can destroy your love’s outlook. However, if you see yourself as being liberated, it changes your perception. Yes, we understand that you miss all the attention and all that looked like love. Yet, you have to consider if you would rather stay in a relationship where you feel sad and is riddled with disagreements?

And even if it was a good thing, it is over now, don’t stress it. Remove all the pressure from yourself by thinking you’d rather get the best than settle for second best. Appreciate Valentine instead for the fresh start it brings.


Focus On Yourself

Appreciate yourself. If someone had told you that by this time a few weeks or months ago, you would not be stronger, you would have never believed it. Consider how much you have grown in thinking, in and most importantly, in reshuffling your priority in what you need in a partner. Also, nothing gives you the opportunity to deeply reflect on this that Valentine. Take yourself out, you deserve it.

Go Out

Resist the urge to stay alone locked up and wallowing in tears. Get around some friends and everyone who is emotionally available and have the fun of your lives. A dinner with those you care about won’t be a bad idea after all.

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