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3 Ways To Express Yourself Without Saying Sorry

There are different times you have found yourself saying the word “sorry” and you probably should not.

However, you just find yourself constantly using the clause, “I am sorry”. In the office environment, apologising too often can make you look less professional.

If you struggle with chronic over-apologizing, you may need to take a different approach and find ways to express what you truly mean.

Below are instances you use sorry and how you can express yourself better.

African American

African American couple disagreement | Photo – Best Life

Say thank you
When you are late on delivering a project, rather than saying sorry, you can say: “Thank you for your patience, I will turn in the work by Friday.” This puts you in control of the situation. Cut out the sob story and give a simple thank you.

Do not apologise for having an opinion

When you want to speak with your boss in the office, do not apologise for bothering them, rather, you can ask: “Is this a good time to have a conversation with you?” If you are in a meeting and you want to interject an opinion or ask a question, simply and kindly speak your mind when the other person has taken a pause.

Be Practical and less emotional
According to Deborah Goldstein of DRIVEN Professionals, people often say sorry to unconsciously diffuse conflict. When you don’t agree with another’s opinion and say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t agree,” it takes away from your power. Try, “Let’s look at this from another angle.” This is a purely practical approach to offer perspective. As another example, “I’m sorry to break this to you,” can become, “You’re not going to like hearing this.”


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