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5 Popular Hashtags That Rocked Social Media In 2020

5 Popular Hashtags That Rocked Social Media In 2020

The year 2020 has been really eventful and it is not a year to be forgotten in a hurry. For some, it is a remarkable year while for many, it is a year that needs to be left behind for good.

The world at large experienced the year differently, social media made lots of difference and became a voice for so many. Youths came together to fight a collective injustice and adults joined the youths in these fights.

Different hashtags rocked the social media world and with these hashtags, awareness was raised and many found their voices. Below are some hashtags that rocked the world this year:

A fight against police brutality that started in Nigeria but gained momentum worldwide. The issue of police brutality has always raised concern among the youths in Nigeria, constant bullying by the police has always been reported on social media. Videos and pictures of police extortion always trend on social media with nothing being done by the government officials. However, the youths took to the street to protest against this brutality and extortion, many were attacked by sponsored thugs, and many killed by soldiers during this peaceful protest. Unfortunately, little is yet to be done regarding this police brutality.

The issue of racial discrimination has been going on for years, however, one would think with civilisation and different developments, racial discrimination would be a thing of the past now. The death of George Floyd brought again to the table discussions about the importance of black lives. There was a worldwide demand that police agencies outside Africa should take the lives of Africans and African-Americans seriously and stop killing them like chickens. The protest also rocked the whole world.

Just like in the movies, a virus came out of nowhere and changed the norm. Coronavirus changed the course of things all around the world. Everyone was forced to stay indoors for months and there is still a big chance that there would be another lockdown as the solution to this pandemic is yet to be found. Together with #Covid19, #stayhome also trended. Different rules were popularised which included washing of hands, use of mask, and constant use of sanitiser were advised. Till now, it is advisable to avoid crowded places and ensure perfect hygiene is given priority.

The death of basketball legend, Kobe Bryant shook the world at large. A flight that was meant to be uneventful made a whole change in the course of history. The death of Kobe and his daughter Gigi left a scar in many people’s hearts and the family he left behind.

Another death that broke the heart of so many is the death of Chadwick Boseman. Unknown to so many, he battled Colon cancer till his last day on earth. He fought bravely through it and will always be remembered for his impeccable acting and his contributions to other cancer foundations. According to Twitter Blog, the tweet announcing his death is the most-liked tweet of all time and retweeted tweet in 2020.

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