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5 Signs You Are Dealing With A Psychopath

5 Signs You Are Dealing With A Psychopath

Often, when the word psychopath is mentioned, the image of a villain or a serial killer comes to mind. However, there are different things that make a psychopath, and being a serial killer might not be one.

Below are some signs you might be dealing with a psychopath according to The Healthy:

They are very likable
Do not think that psychopaths are demon-like or come with aggression, they are often so sweet and charming so they can hide their personality to appear as likable as possible. They use their storytelling abilities to draw others to them so they can gather people around them. However, while a psychopath’s stories might be interesting, that doesn’t mean they’re true, it is always for a reason.

They are liars
Unlike pathological liars, who lie without motivation and sometimes without need, a psychopath’s lies are more goal-directed. They typically use conning and manipulation for their own gain. They do this by tricking others or making people think there’s an emotional connection. This could be used to get a promotion at work, build a relationship, or control a romantic partner.


They think they are superior
Psychopaths consider themselves better than the people around them. This may help account for why they aren’t concerned by the negative impacts of their actions. In the workplace, this can manifest as someone who is not concerned about the team and is reluctant to take advice from others until it immediately helps them. This could look like overly confident or dominant behaviour.

They switch their empathy on and off
A psychopath is typically not concerned with his or her impact on others, whether that be financial, social, or personal. That’s mainly because a psychopath has blunted emotions, for themselves and others. They are “characteristically superficially charming but lack empathy, anxiety, or any sense of blame or guilt” according to the American Psychological Association. Interestingly, while psychopaths normally do lack empathy, they can voluntarily turn it on in order to seduce, charm, and manipulate someone else.

They are sexually promiscuous
With their ability to charm unsuspecting victims, psychopaths can lure unsuspecting people into bed but aren’t interested in commitment, or anything beyond the immediate thrill. Sex for the psychopath is not about the other person, but more about the power play or stroking his or her own ego.

Psychopaths are not carrying guns or knives around, planning to kill you, it is always in their actions.

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