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5 Ways To Handle Monday Anxiety

Woman having anxiety attack | Image: Blavity

Weekends are one of the most relaxing days in the week, that’s if you do not have to work all through.

Monday blues creep in after a relaxing weekend and you just do not know what to do with yourself. From waking up to dressing up and setting out for the day, you just want to sit in and do whatever it is you want.


However, you need to work, you need to earn and when is the better time to start than Monday.

Below are some ways to handle Monday anxiety:

Maintain a healthy sleep cycle
Often, because of the weekend fun, you end up sleeping late or having low rest time. This inadvertently affects your Monday productivity because you are burned out from low rest. Therefore, no matter the fun you are having over the weekend, ensure you maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Sleep when you are meant to and wake up at the right time.

Avoid overscheduling on Mondays
Do not overwork yourself by fixing all your meetings for Mondays. You’ll get stressed out just thinking about it and this leaves room for less productivity. If possible, try to spread your meetings through the week, you’ll have time to attend to other things and you’ll get some breathing space.

Write your worries
If there are things that make you scared of Mondays, write them down. Once you do this, write the solutions and how to make them less distracting. If these things are things you cannot handle yourself, involve your close colleague that can help you through it. The things you don’t address will continue to haunt you and there is no fun in having anxiety through your stay at work.

Question your lack of motivation
It is okay to ask why you continually have Monday blues. Ask yourself if you love what you do, if you don’t, then take a step in the right direction. If you need a change of job, set a time frame for yourself and work towards it. Once you do not like what you do, you’ll always feel burdened and wasted. The key thing is working in a place you love and achieving your goals. It helps you stay motivated and fulfilled.

Have fun at work
Work does not always have to be filled with gloomy faces, angry at the world and at the different targets they need to make. You can have fun while at work and still achieve all you need to achieve. Could be a game Friday that everyone will look forward to, it could be a pizza Thursday could be having a fun gist with your colleagues during your lunch break. You have your whole life to work, why not make it fun while at it.

It is normal to have Monday blues but you need to take charge of your day and make it absolutely worth it. Your Mondays can be fun if you want it to be.

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