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6 Popular Makeup Questions Answered

A woman concealing her dark circles. Photo Olay

As makeup and skincare junkies, there are quite a number of questions which often pop up and
one might not have an answer to, especially as beginners.
Sometimes, these questions are not always answered when one takes to learning about makeup.
This, therefore, leaves a gap that needs to be filled regarding how many of these makeup
products work and why they are necessary. Here are 6 popular makeup questions answered:


Do I need to use primer? What does it do?
Not using primer before one’s makeup is similar to wearing a bra before a shirt. Makeup primers
are made up of silicone which allows for a silky, smooth, free-line-free makeup canvas for every
skin type. This allows makeup glide on, it also keeps the concealer, foundation, eyeliner and
eyeshadow in place all day.

As such, one should apply primer over clean dry skin and apply makeup after a minute. This
way, one is guaranteed a long-lasting makeup without having to bother.

Why does my lipstick smear?
One major cause of this may be that one does not use a lip liner. A lip liner does quite a number
of things including increasing the longevity of one’s lip colour. A lip liner has a dryer more
matte texture allowing the lipstick stay on. By outlining and filling the lips, a barrier is created
between the wet tissue of the lips and lipstick.

Also when the lipstick begins to fade, the lip liner underneath could be used as a backup. The
only exception here is for matte liquid lipsticks which need to be reapplied once they begin

Why does my eyeliner smudge?
Often the eyelids are responsible for eyeliner troubles. Hooded eyelids cause lash lines to smash
against upper eyelids every time one blinks thus leaving a smudge of the liner. Oily skin, on the
other hand, causes the liner to slowly slide down the face causing a smudge.

Hence before wearing eyeliner, the eyelids have to be prepped using a primer. This allows for a
smooth, dry canvas for makeup. To start with, smoothen an eyelid primer over the lids to create a
smooth, matte base then dust translucent loose powder or neutral-toned eyeshadow to set the
primer. Use a long-wear gel eyeliner then set it by dusting the line with an eyeshadow of the
same colour.

1. Why do I need more than one eyeshadow brush?
Using one brush for all eyeshadow colours would no doubt leave muddy, sloppy results. Use
smaller brushes to precisely place colours in areas such as the inner corner of the eye, the brow
bone and the outer corner.

Larger fluffier brushes should be used to diffuse and soften colours to blend them. By using
certain brushes for certain areas and colours of the eyes, the result is often clean and intentional.

How do I cover my dark circles?
Dark rings could either be caused by lack of sleep or genetics. They can still look better with
concealer, drugs and more rest. Drugs often reduce the puffiness of dark circles, especially if
they are recent. More rest also helps with this improvement.

However, for genetic under-eye circles, camouflage is one great way to hide them. If one’s
under-eye circles are red or purple, choose a yellow corrector, if more blue/brown, go for peach
or apricot tones. With a damp beauty blender, fan the corners of the eyes and down the sides of
the nose using these corrector concealers. Then finish off with regular concealer on top of the

Why does my foundation cake around my nose?
There are two things that never mix, foundation and oily skin. This is why if the base of the face
is slippery with oil, one’s makeup will inevitably begin to slip, caking around the nostrils,
causing creasing under the eyes and fine lines on the forehead.

Instead, stick with thin layers of lightweight moisturizers, and also give skin-care products at
least 10 minutes to settle before applying makeup. Make use of a primer to remove all excess oil
and lay a foundation for long-lasting wear. While blending foundation and concealer, make sure
to buff around the nose crevices where makeup tends to cake. To finish off, dust the T-zone with
translucent setting powder.

As makeup beginners, there are certain questions one might have regarding how to use certain
makeup products as well as how some of them usually works. The answers to these questions are
crucial for those looking to become pros in the makeup field.

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