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6 Signs Of A Cheating Partner In A Relationship

Nothing beats quicker at the foundation of any relationship than a cheating partner. Just like love, there are also signs of cheating.

Below are signs that can point to cheating in a partner:



A cheating spouse sometimes avoids the other partner because of guilt or shame of their actions. If your partner consistently avoids you for no reason, then it may be a pointer he or she might be cheating on you.



A partner who used to be accountable for his or her time and money who suddenly becomes distant is a pointer to something amiss.

People do not just change their habits or behaviours in a split moment. No accountability to a loved one says a lot about the bond in a relationship.




Suddenly, it seems your partner is tense or uncomfortable around you. This can manifest as a partner been not open to conversations with you as he or she was in the past.



Cheating partners often stress the need to keep things private. Most cases, they stop being open and hide aspects of their lives from the other partner.



The cheating partner may reduce the rate of communication with the other partner or leaves the room to pick a call often.



A cheating partner most often will clear his/her browser history on their laptops. Another sign may be that he/she puts a smart lock or password on messaging and social media applications suddenly.

However, all the above tips only apply to a sudden change in a partner or repetition of the above tips over time.

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