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6 Songs That Defined Omah Lay’s Music Career

Omah Lay | Image: Teen Vogue

Stanley Omah Didia popularly known as Omah Lay is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Omah Lay appeared in the limelight after his world-class hit song ‘You’ went viral. Omah Lay literally began his music career in mid-2020 and now he is a global sensation. In his short tenure in the music industry, Omah Lay has had quite the successful spell. Omah Lay is already in the big leagues with hit singles and strategic features.


Here’s a list of Omah Lay’s top tracks of all time.

Omah Lay is truly a force to be reckoned with. The man effortlessly creates an ear worming hook rather effortlessly. Omah’s ‘Godly’ is a mid-tempo afrobeat track. The budding artist is in his element on Godly. Omah Lay executes the track rather professionally.

Men I thank God I go-d-ly
Say God no ungod-d-ly
Oluwa na him comfort e me
When this people dey come body me
Men I thank God I go-d-ly
Say God no ungod-d-ly
Oluwa na im comfort e me
When this people dey come badly

Hats off for ‘Lolo’. Omah Lay can really piece together a hook. The new kid hasn’t been on the block for a long time but what he lacks in experience is heavily compensated in talent. ‘Lolo’ is another instalment off his ‘What have we done album’. Lolo is a whole vibe with its midtempo beats and feel energy it exudes.

On this joint Omah Lay sings to his love urging her to let him show her ‘Some Lolo Lolo’ (love but low key) He urges his companion to keep their love a secret. A sort of forbidden love scenario.

Yeyeye comes as the first instalment of his 2020 Get Lady EP. Omah Lay is a jack of all trades. On this joint Omah Lay shows us a different side of himself where he actually raps a bar for bar verse on ‘Yeyeye’. The ‘Godly’ crooner flexes his lyrical prowess embedding witty rhymes with quite ease. Even in unchartered waters, Omah Lays execution on ‘Yeyeye’ is out of this world.

No stranger to the matters of the heart. Omah Lay gets really sentimental on ‘Damn’. He sings with and for love on ‘Damn’’. He embeds romantic lyrics and synchronises his soul voices to the low tempo beat. Omah Lay continues to make waves on the globe with a serial hit streak. The man can literally not make a bad song.

She loves me when am drunk she loves me when am jobless
She loves me when am wrong even when I no need love yeah
She loves me like damn
Like damn damn damn
Like damn damn damn damn damn damn damn

My Bebe
Omah Lay’s music is both contemplative and hedonistic, with the vivacity of alt-pop production, which he often creates himself. The Nigerian act, who released his debut EP, Get Layd, in 2020, has been compared to Burna Boy’s “lyricism” and Wizkid’s “melodies.”
My Bebe is the first instalment off Omah Lay’s ‘What have we done EP’.The sweet gem propelled Omah Lay to the limelight making people compare him to some of the greats ‘Wizkid and Burna Boy’

Bad Influence
This is Omah Lay’s brainchild. As the budding artist was still experimenting in the studio. He intentionally made a masterpiece dubbed ‘Bad Influence’. Omah Lay sings for love and his soulful voice exudes a feeling of romance. Bad Influence is such an awesome song touching on the theme of ‘Toxic Love’. Omah Lay sings that he breaks his moral code for this girl who he isn’t even sure about.

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