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A Rundown Of The Week

A crumpled paper ball with words “Racism” on grey background. | Image: iStock

Bizzare moves that have left the jaws of many dropping were made this week. From career switches to acceptance on the revolution and the changes that it brings,

Here is a rundown of the week:

Career Switch
In the wake of career switches, a Supercars driver, Renee Gracie, has taken up a career as a porn star. But others are making bolder moves. On the flip side of the coin, a gay porn actor is switching his career and bidding for a political post in Florida, United States. Adult film actor Juan Melecio submitted his paperwork to run for a commission seat in Wilton Manors, Florida. The 42-year-old is openly gay and has been married for nine years. He described himself as “a person with a really big opinion and I’m not afraid of change.”


New Definitions
In the spate of activism and protests on the need to respect blacks around the world, organisations are working on their representation in the public space. To further aid in this, the American reference dictionary Merriam-Webster has disclosed that it is changing its definition of the word racism. The decision to update its definition came after a suggestion from a young black woman, Kennedy Mitchum, who wanted it to better reflect the oppression of people of colour. Also, the definitions of other words “related to racism or have racial connotations” would be updated.

Prison Break
Two inmates who escaped from a prison in Rome, Italy last week left guards a courtesy note, saying they had business to take care of but promise to be back shortly. The two cousins, Davad Zukanovic, 40, and Lil Ahmetovic, 46, broke out of Rebibbia prison overnight by scaling a wall using a water hose left in a courtyard. But before they escaped, they left a note in their cell explaining they had “the need to protect their children from a nasty business they had got themselves into.” The inmates promised to return in about 15 days once everything was sorted, the paper said.

“Till A ‘Cat’ Do Us Part”
There have been many weird reasons as to why couples decide to go their separate ways and a new one has been added to the list after a wife’s obsession with cats drove her husband out of their house. A marriage of 45 years was dissolved by Judge Sheik Mustafa Abu Hassan because, according to the husband, the couple started having issues in 1997 when the wife developed an obsession with felines. She claimed that her late mother allegedly appeared in her dreams and told her to be kind to cats as cats were the only way to “cross into Paradise”.

Physical Assault?
It seems that the world’s most expensive player, Neymar’s mother will continue to have controversies trail her for a while. News reaching the media is that the mother of football superstar Neymar and her 23-year-old lover has been questioned by Brazilian police over an incident which led to the latter being rushed to the hospital. Nadine Goncalves, 52, called an ambulance after her boyfriend Tiago Ramos suffered an injury during a reported row in the couple’s apartment in Santos. Ramos needed 12 stitches in his arm. However, Goncalves’ spokesperson said it was a domestic accident and clarified that there is no assault.

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