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A Travel Guide To Visiting Lamu Island, Kenya

Lamu Island, on the north coast of Kenya, is filled with historical sites, nice beautiful villas and empty white sand beaches. This World UNESCO Heritage Site is one of the oldest and most preserved areas in East Africa. Lamu is a peaceful, charming and culturally rich island that is perfect for a relaxing holiday.

Discover Lamu Old Town

Lamu Island. Photo credit: Travel Plus Style

Lamu Old Town is filled with Arabian architecture, ancient forts and old wooden doors. It is the only place in Kenya that hasn’t been influenced by the Portuguese and mass tourism. It is also Lamu’s main attraction. You can visit Lamu Museum, Lamu Fort, the Donkey Sanctuary and Swahili House Museum. There are also markets where travellers can buy nice souvenirs.


Accomodation. Photo credit: Majlis Resort

Food in Lamu is a mixture of Arabian, Swahili, Indian and African mouth-watering cuisines. You get to eat a lot of seafood from the ocean and watch the fishermen catch your dinner. Do not forget to taste the street food and drink, a local juice Ukwaju also known as tamarind.



If you are an adventurous traveller, then Lamu has a variety of water sports to engage in like kayaking, water-skiing, kite surfing and more. Snorkelling is one of the major activities you can partake in. It’s also an opportunity to swim with dolphins and turtles.

Ride A Donkey

Takwa Ruined City. Photo credit: Eric Lafforgue

One cool thing about Lamu is that there are no cars. You have to get around riding a donkey like a locale because the roads are so narrow.

Sail On A Dhow To Manda Island

Dhow. Photo credit: Jody Kingzett

Dhows (traditional sailing boats) are a very important means of transportation in Lamu Island. You can sail to Manda Island or catch the sunset with a loved one while sailing. Visit Takwa, the ruined city, in Manda Island, which used to be one of the largest settlements on the coast of Lamu. Although the town has now been abandoned, you get to explore the coral stone ruins, a popular landmark for travellers.

ExploreAand Relax At Shela Village

Shela Village. Photo credit: Kenya Page

Shela is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and hotels like The Majlis. Relax by the beach and enjoy the cool breeze while sipping on coconut water. Get a henna tattoo for the beauty of it.


Accomodation. Photo credit: Majlis resort.

Plan your trip to Lamu in time for a festival. The Lamu Cultural Festival is a major festival that celebrates the culture, history and heritage of the people of Lamu. It is an experience of a lifetime and a chance to get a feel of Lamu to the fullest. Another festival is the Lamu Yoga Festival which starts this month from the 14th to the 18th. The festival period is also filled with beach parties, traditional Swahili dinners and more.

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