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Ayo The Creator: Unveiling The King Of Photoshop

Ayo The Creator: Unveiling The King Of Photoshop

Although there is no actuality of Banky W slapping Wizkid, thanks to Ayo The Creator, fans of both artists had a few good laughs when Ayo blessed us with an image depicting such a scene.

Tunde Ednut may have access to take a selfie with Wizkid and Davido in the background or not (we may never know) but we have the picture, once again thanks to Ayo The Creator.

With Ayo there is no limitation.

In this chat with Guardian Life, we unveil Ayo The Creator, his life and his creations.


1. Walk us through your background

My name is Amodu Ayodeji Peter. I currently live in Warri with my brothers. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood so my mum never allowed us to go out to play street football or any outdoor games instead, we had cable and tons of films in tapes and CDs.

My dad always challenged us not to watch TV just for fun but instead to try to see and understand how it was made. Those remarks puzzled me till I had my first internet phone and started making my research on how media is produced and written and started buying books online on filming, entertainment and comedy.

2. How do you get inspiration?

Inspiration comes from a lot of things; ranging from film, a beautiful face, my brother, an awkward situation, music, the news to even beautiful works of arts. Before I create any content I like to think of three things – social currency, emotional value and story. Understanding this helps me think about making contents.

3. What do you do for leisure when you are not creating content?

When I’m not creating contents, I watch TV series, go to the cinema, read books on self-improvement, fictions and filmmaking.

4. Your contents can be accessed freely on social media, how do you monetize your content?

I don’t monetize my contents. In a week I get up to 20+ DMs from people that want all kinds of editing; from music covers, ad posters, fans that want to be in photos with their favourite celebrity to odd requests like long-distance couples that want a photo merge with their partners. With these proceeds, I manage. Besides, Instagram doesn’t have a monetization system on posting contents.

Ayo The Creator: Unveiling The King Of Photoshop

5. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Since I create contents full time, my biggest challenge I think is the city I am in (Warri). Most of the content creators I would love to collaborate with or who would want to collaborate with me are in Lagos.

Another challenge is that society doesn’t support creative minds or work; there are no empowerment schemes or institution to learn more. Most times, when I’m outdoor for a photoshoot or to film, I get harassed by security officials, hooligans and I would have to “settle” so that we can be allowed to shoot or film.

Which is why sometimes if possible I try not to use my Canon DSLR and just use an iPhone to reduce attention. Most of my videos require funding so I have to save up before executing and filming and this could take weeks and consequently, affects consistency rate.

6. Do you have any mentor or favourite content creator?

My mentor is my older brother Bayo (Bayo the Creator). He taught me all I know from understanding different forms/genre of comedy, editing, filming, photography and media. And I am still learning. He mostly curates and schedules most of my posts.

7. What do you want people to think when they see your creations?

My contents have diverse meaning; sometimes it makes you happy, laugh, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, sometimes it makes you think deeper and more self-aware. Today people feel pressured on social media when they see other people’s lifestyle and feel they can’t have it.

8. Was this what you wanted to do all along, or did you have other ambitions?

Well, I’m slowly building up to what I want to do like web series, web shows or building a media production company. At first, it wasn’t any of that, I just wanted to surpass my brother, wear Wizkid’s clothes and look cool to my friends, but with time all that faded quickly and the bigger pictures and goals quickly took over.

9. Humour has been the major element of your work, would you consider yourself as a funny person?

I write, think and create ‘funny’ content but in person, I’m more of a gentleman.

10. What has been the most exciting experience for you as a content creator?

Most people think the answer is fame. To me, it’s the ability to make someone smile or laugh. When someone comments or share my content on their page or even call me, to say my contents made their day; that feeling is very satisfying.

11. How do you execute and promote your works?

My works get promoted by being shared which is why I make sure to create contents which trigger positive emotions.

12. Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself in a big city running a media production company with my brother, creating positive content for Africa.

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