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Black Friday Fever!! Real Deals Or Ripoff

It is Black Friday and stores and retailers are offering deals and slashing prices while shoppers are in a frenzy to make the best buy.

In major retail stores, there is a stampede of shoppers scrambling to get the most of the best deals so much so that some products are sold out and shelves are emptied. The best deals are on beverages and cosmetics as buyers cannot resist their best brands and the free gift added to the low price.

Shoppers at Shoprite, Festac Mall for Black Friday. Photo: Gbenga Salau

The crowd is overwhelming as pilferers are getting away with picking items off the shelf and consuming them on the spot without paying.

The shopping frenzy is not limited to walk-in stores, prices of items on the online stores are ridiculously slashed that one wonders if this is a beautiful dream or if it will turn into a nightmare when the item bought turns out to be a prototype of what was paid for.

The rising tide of consumerism fuels the Black Friday frenzy turning it into an appealing monster that devours the wariest spender. There have been attestations that the prices are increased only to be slashed, giving the impression that it is a deal. While some claim that some of the products are close to its expiry date hence selling them off means that the retailer is gaining from not having to throw them away.

While some people have told disturbing tales of electronics like phones and other gadgets bought at over 100% less its price being mere scrap or prototypes.

However, it is evident from the crowd trooping into major retail stores that there is a lot of money to be saved from the Black Friday but all buyers beware!!!

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