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BLVD Bar: Get Your Groove On At The Multipurpose Hot Spot

At the heart of Lekki, a tall building with five storeys and colourful signage that says ” BLVD” with a “the” on the stylistically designed “V” in BLVD welcomes you; beneath the acronym is a tiny four-word sign that says Ballards, Lounge, Vape, Dance. These encapsulate the totality of what is to come.

It is another Friday and a Wine and Food Tasting Day at BLVD located in 69, Brasas’r Place, Lekki.

BLVD restaurant sits on the 5th floor. The lift comes in handy. Unless you are willing to run up some sweat climbing the stairs, the lift is your fastest and easiest route to the restaurant.


However, this restaurant is a mile away from the usual.

You are greeted “Good morning” by a hostess regardless of the time of the day. A hostess that welcomed me at 7:30 pm on the day I visited told me that it is always a “Good morning” at BLVD, whether it is afternoon or evening. This is probably to indicate that entering into BLVD is aking to starting your day afresh – all worries dropped at the door.

The interior designs are distinct: the walls are ready-made for Instagrammable selfies. Splattered all over the walls are beautiful artworks. The restaurant itself has a staircase that leads to another section, not totally secluded but with a V.I.P feeling.

The DJ stand is a stage, and the walls are widely decorated with speakers that look like chessboard. And then, there are the lights.  The whole building has lights all over just like it is in a club. The light, just like the waitresses, cheerlead you to continue dancing and have a better day than you have had.

A big screen is located on the wall behind the DJ station showing videos. Picture yourself watching an El Clasico or a Milan derby on this screen. Or Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz rematch. You can actually do all that at the BLVD.

The ambience is millennial and there were different games to tell you that BLVD is also a sports bar. The waitresses are in blue and white skimpy cheerleading uniform, plastered in front of the uniform is BLVD. They are ready to cheer to have a good time.

A bit worrisome is the absence of male attendants. However, the manager said that after carrying out a research, they discovered people feel more comfortable and at ease when a female attend to them.

There are different foods on the menu – a fine  mix of local food and international dishes. There is, however, details given to Nigerian delicacies.

But don’t go to BLVD if you are in need of quick food. Waiting time can vary from 15 minutes to even 45. Williams, who manages BLVD, said the food are prepared based on the order and are made from the scratch in the restuarant’s kitchen. So what you get is a piping hot, freshly made food. None of the oven heated pre-made slop that’s standard in most Nigerian restaurants.

The Blvd isn’t only for eating. Williams said it can also be used as a study hub. During the day when the restaurant is quiet, the atmosphere softens as wifi becomes available along with charging stations providing the perfect workspace.

Overall, The BLVD is a new diamond on Nigeria’s necklace of hidden jewels. A versatile space that can range from anything to many things – from a club to a study hub, with great music and a wide variety of food.

The BLVD had a thin customers when I visited on a Friday night. But that can be challked down to it being relatively new.

While its games are highly entertaining they’re as oriented towards a particular gender as its waitresses in skimpy cheerleading uniforms. A little gender neutrality, more feminine games, and equally scantily clad male waiters could go a long way.

Final opinion: On the path to five stars, just needs a little push.

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