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Cardi B Defends Publicist In Australian Paparazzi Attack

Cardi B found herself entangled in what she has now described as racism upon her arrival at an Australian airport.

Ahead of her New Year’s Eve performance, the rapper who arrived covered in a blanket from the Paparrazi was said to be spoken vilely to.

According to several reports, one of the photographers was heard shouting, You’re in Sydney now, mate, you’re in Australia.” “It’s our rules, not yours, buddy. Our rules, not yours. Be clear on that. What’s going on with the blanket, Cardi? You got an identity crisis or something? Give the fans a picture, Cardi.”

Another female photographer proceeded to shout, No wonder your husband left ya”.


In response to that, her publicist Patience Foster is seen in a now-viral video threatening to hit the woman.

Cardi rising to her defence on IG Live, claimed that the incident didn’t seat with any of them.

“Then this old lady, she keeps asking for a picture but I’m like literally covering my face […] she says something rude, disrespectful to me, like, ‘Oh, that’s why your husband cheated on you,’ and that’s when my publicist got in her face. And you know what she did? [The woman] acted like she was so scared, like a victim, ‘Oh my God, oh my God.'”

“But that didn’t even bother me as much as this white man telling me, ‘Yeah, you playing by our rules,'” she continued. “It’s like, what is your rules? What are you talking about? Like, my n—a, do I look like a little f–king slave to you? Do I look like a fucking slave to you or something? That’s how y’all see people? That’s how y’all see colored people or something, that you guys say foul shit like that…that shit got me so f–king mad. That s–t don’t sit well with me, like, it just made me think like, yo, I just want to go home.”

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