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Christmas Euphoria: Having The Merriest Christmas

We have gone round in circles and gotten to the point of elevated happiness and joy to a celebration called ‘Christmas’.

Christmas is a time of joy and sharing; a time to unwind and dine; a time to be generous even without the money but finding generosity in our words and actions. This period indeed brings good tidings to many. It is the time of #sales, the period of mind-bugling “Awuf”. It is also a period of spending without worries and it is also the period of gifting.


It is undeniable the deep-rooted euphoria that comes with this celebration Christmas, known to be a Christian celebration but now seems like a universal celebration that inspires love and joy in all. It has become a celebration that infiltrates borders uniting all. This, we can blame on the wonders of Christmas and the miracle it brings. It is the highest point of joy in one’s life that sweeps away all the pain of the year. The joys of Christmas is about coming together whilst gathering what is left of each other’s lives and making something beautiful of it.

Smiling children.| Photo -When life hands you lemons

Some aspects that come with the yuletide season are worth reflecting on. At the moment, the wait for Christmas is the best thing that can happen to a child’s life. The constant joy and happiness the celebration brings in their hearts are enigmatic and infectious to all around. In the midst of this, such sends every adult to a nostalgic moment of their childhood. It is indeed a beautiful moment.

The wonders of Christmas are not left without the joys and most importantly the miracles that it brings. It is a time of gifting and making smiling faces. Let us not forget too that it is the season of eating or better put “Christmas is for calories” till the gym opens in January. On the surface, it seems frivolous but what really makes the heart fonder during this period is not necessarily the eating but rather the union, companionship and peace that it brings. It strengthens, binds and creates togetherness thus creating everlasting fond memories which thrive our constant appreciation of the yuletide.

There is a whole lot of aspect of Christmas that people look out for. But one thing is for sure that the joy that Christmas brings is initiated from the inner child in every grown adult that is why we cannot help but want to put a smile on the faces of the little ones around us during Christmas. As it brings families together after the hustle and bustle of the year, it thus is a time to catch up on old friends and family and possibly the rekindling of old flames.

The fun side of Christmas is coming together to help mama cut the traditional “chin chin” served at most homes during Christmas. The visitation of loved ones and hanging out in the beach

Christmas is about bonding with the family, it is one of those universal moments that families eat, chat and watch films and shows together while enjoying each other’s company despite ordeals. It is, therefore, a moment to love and forgive.

Be certain that guys and girls flock events hoping to get hooked up and the plus side to the Christmas wonder is that you can be rest assured that uninvited guests are welcomed. So it’s a time when as a stranger at an event you will not be embarrassed at events.

Christmas the time to be legally high on joy.

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