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5 Rude Conversation Habits You Should Break

[Fille] People having communication. Photo: Newd Magazine

Communicating effectively is a crucial skill for developing relationships, creating influence and generating results. Soft skills are the currency of success. Communication failure often lies in a lack of skill, awareness and deliberate application.

Below are some things not to do in any communication circle:

Too much interruption:

Interruption is a conversation killer.

Understandably, there are times you are bubbling with a new idea or addition to the conversation.

Interrupting people shows that you don’t respect them enough to let them finish!

Constant interruption gives rise to resentment and unwillingness to continue with the conversation.

Too much sarcasm:

Being too sarcastic can be rude or inappropriate. Jokes or funny retorts can be used to spice conversations however you should.

Talking about yourself:

Only talking about yourself is pompous. Have you ever asked someone “How are you?”, and after a long talk about their life, they don’t bother to ask how you are too?

Try not to always make yourself the subject of the conversation. At first, your listeners might be interested in the gist about your new car, your weekend vacation to an exclusive resort.

However, after a while, you begin to sound pompous to your listener.

Other peoples’ opinions matter too.


Using your phone during a conversation is considered “the height of rudeness.”

It is outrightly disrespectful. When you are pressing your phone while holding a face to face conversation, it shows that you are are not interested in the conversation.

Unless the calls/texts are very important, a specific job question, emergencies, someone getting a child etc. then there is no reason to check your phone right at that very moment.

Being Insensitive

Good conversationalists pay attention to their audience.  They are also aware when the topic has been played out and attention is drifting. Being sensitive to your audience allows you to know when they are uninterested in the conversation and you will be able to respond accordingly. Some words, phrases and topics may be inappropriate or even offensive. When you are a good conversationalist, you have a presence that is developed through audience resonance.

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