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Books On Our Shelf

Most people are under the illusion that Nigerians would not find the antidote for a poison if it’s hidden in a book. This has to be false, knowing that some of the greatest and inspiring writers hail from Nigeria. In this digital age, if you think having that awesome paper back would only eat into the space of your minimalist house the eBooks are another option. Either ways pick up a book and get to reading.

In the case that you do not know from where to start building your library, be patriotic. Like they say charity begins at home. Here are a couple of our must read books on our shelf at the moment.



By Chimamada Adichie

A bit of an oldie, but always a good read, Chimamanda writes about a sense of belonging and familiarity with the characters of Obinze and Ifemelu. Americanah is a story told across three continents, with one central message – ‘home is where the heart is’. The characters address the topics of love, romance and self-identity in different countries as faced by them. Americanah is indeed an unusual love story, the defining moment in the characters’ lives and a feeling we know too well that comes with the responsibility of growing up. Exposure, understanding, comfort are the feelings you get as you flip the pages of Americanah. Chimamanda’s books are known to address important issues through gripping stories, and this book is no exception. You should grab this book and in the quiet of your room, drift into a world that an ‘Americana’ would understand.

foreign gods okey ndibe

Foreign God

By Okey Ndibe

Ike graduated top of his class from a prestigious American university but his Nigerian accent has barred him from getting a decent job. Ike ended up in an unhappy marriage for a green card and dejected his family just to keep up with the life in America. A message from his sister Nkiru turns his life around and a new quest was born. Ike purposes in his heart to sell Ngene – an idol from his native land – to an art gallery in New York and become rich for it. This quest is not so easy as once Ike steps back in his hometown, his soul becomes torn between betraying his family and getting rich by all means. He steps into the war between the old religion and Christianity in his hometown. Even though he came home set to take Ngene as a foreign god, it seems like this foreign god has plans for him. Okey Ndibe definitely took us to America, to the Eastern Part of Nigeria and into the depths of our mind as we understood every word as he put pen to paper.



A Heart to Mend

By Myne Whitman

Myne captivates us from the first page as Gladys and Edward meet in the very first chapter. This romantic novel tells the story of Gladys the naïve girl from Enugu and Edward the rich and mentally scarred bachelor in Lagos. Living with her estranged aunt in her mansion in Victoria Island, Gladys comes to learn more of why her aunt cut ties with her family. After series of seeing each other in person and nursing feelings in their wildest dreams, they hit it off immediately they spoke. On their return from a romantic trip Edward finds his business empire at the brink of a hostile takeover. The love and life Edward and Gladys have dreamed about is threatened. Edward is put in a position where he either trusts Gladys or loses all he has worked for. He has to overcome his past and his fear of love. Gladys learns that the world is not always in black and white, she is thrown into a life where she has to fight for love and the man she loves. In this book, Myne really captures the beauty of Lagos and the love it has to offer.

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