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Fani-Kayode, Reno Omokri React To Miyetti Allah’s Threat To Saraki

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association openly threatened the Senate President, Bukola Saraki forcing him to “resign or be forced out of office”. This threat was made after the association reportedly stated that the senate president-led government has been a source of problems for president Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

According to the Punch, the national coordinator of the association in Benue, Alhaji Garus Gololo, issued the warning during an interview while stating:

“Nigerians are in dire need of people who have the interest of the masses. Miyetti Allah is looking for a leader that would preside over the affairs of the Senate with ultimate respect for the executive and the judiciary, not someone like Senator Saraki that would always scheme to outdo the presidency. “We are now tired of Saraki’s style of leadership at the National Assembly. Therefore, we are now warning him to honourably resign his position as president of the Senate or we will force him out”.

With some Nigerians alleging that this only shows that country now has a “fourth arm of government”, they, as well as political figures, have since expressed dismay:

@Renoomokri- Miyetti Allah threatens to force @BukolaSaraki out of office if he doesn’t resign! Do we need further proof of a connection and coordination between killer herdsmen and the very top of the @MBuhari government? Why should Miyetti Allah hound Buhari’s political enemies? #RenosDarts

Femi Fani-Kayode- Miyetti Allah says @bukolasaraki must step down or they will “force him out”. This is ominious and sinister. Miyetti Allah is a terrorist organisation which controls the Fulani herdsmen. They are the Hamas of Nigeria. Buhari is their leader and they are his footsoldiers…1/2


2. ..They take lives at the drop of a hat and they deal in blood. It is only in Nigeria that a bunch of illiterate, ignorant,cowardly,homicidal and ruthless cattle-rearers,cow-lovers and roadside village butchers can threaten their compatriots in this way.Saraki watch ur back!

@Bhadmus Hakeem- If Miyetti Allah is bold enough to ask the Senate President to resign or be forced out of office, It won’t be an exaggeration to put all the death of people who lost their lives to Cattle Herdsmen attacks on them. We can as well call them a Terrorist Group.

CharleyBoy- If Buhari like make e trek from abuja reach Jericho, who e hep? Na confirm failure. Em health, em precidency, suffering Nigerians. Before my papa die at 97, e dey trek at least I mile a day. Sai Baba go rest, no dey drag with your children dem. Is not by force Abegi. OurMumuDonDo

Fisayo Soyombo-

Adams Oshiomhole to Saraki: Resign honourably or you will be impeached
Lai Mohammed: Saraki should resign; that is the honourable thing to do.
Miyetti Allah to Saraki: Resign honourably now or we’ll force you out.
SUMMARY: APC + Miyetti Allah = FG

Adebayo Raph- The audacious prominence of Miyetti Allah is a pointer to the tragic rise of democratic terrorism.
When the state is desperate for power, elements of anarchy are sponsored to perpetuate evil and instill fear.
However, no single class of the society has the monopoly of violence.

Ayeesah Musa- Miyetti Allah can even hold press meeting in Benue state where they murdered women & children and they still walk away free. The anger of God will visit @MBuhari & i’m saying this with a heavy heart. The blood of innocent women & children murdered by herdsmen will cry soon

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