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4 Things To Do As A Lady Before Asking That Man Out

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Recently, ladies are becoming bold and taking steps to ask guys they love out. It is no longer a man thing to “shoot their shots” at someone they love, women now do this too. So, as a woman, before you ask a man out, here are some things you should do first.


Before you ask that man out, the first thing to do is investigate. While doing this, be very smart. Look for clues on social media, this is the best place to know if you have a competition. Your potential man might be in a relationship, it might break your heart when you know but it helps you save your emotions. If you notice any account that is all over your potential lover’s account, find out more about who it is. When you investigate, you will be able to know the next thing to do.


Ask around

There might be situations where the man you aim to ask out is not on social media, put on your investigative shoes and ask around. Approach someone that knows him well and avoid direct questions, be very creative with your conversations so they do not know what your intentions are. Also, find out about the kind of man he is, so you do not end up being in a toxic relationship at the end of the day.

Be his friend

Once the coast is clear and you discover your potential man is single, make moves to be his friend. Do not just jump at him, build a relationship with him. It might take some time  but it is important to learn his love language, know his behaviour, what interests him, can you two actually be a couple. You will find out interesting facts about him that might aid your quest or put you off.

Shoot your shot

Once you have got all the information you need and you are convinced he is the kind of man you want, then you can proceed and tell him your mind. It might turn out successful and it might not, people do not always have to share the same emotions with us. If he says yes, have a possible date or activity in mind that you two can bond with, it could be a dinner date and it could be a movie date. If he says no, thank him for his honesty, you do not have to be bitter, you can then move on to the next one if you want.

So, ladies, if there is a man you love, take these steps and wish yourself the best of luck.

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