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5 Tips To Having A Productive Day

PHOTO – Cleveland Clinic

It could be difficult waking up in the morning and setting out for the day. However, we all get it done. There are ways to boost our productivity in the morning. These tips are discussed below:

Set a morning routine

Have a morning ritual that helps you get fit and ready for work, something that makes your brain feel awakened. Your morning ritual can be as simple as singing along to a high-energy playlist while you shower  or doing some exercise or even praying for a while. Choose an activity that puts you in a positive mindset to start off the day and one that you’re able to commit to regularly.


Plan your day

Once you are done with your morning routine, have a solid and workable plan for your day. Do not give yourself tasks that you know cannot be possible. So, write out achievable tasks for the day and try to stick to it. This helps you to be more productive and you will be able to measure your productivity after the day.

Break your fast

Let us just assume you fasted from when you slept till when you wake up, so have your breakfast. Breakfast has been said to be the most important meal of the day. It could be a cup of tea and bread, just ensure you have something to eat. This will boost your energy.

Reward yourself for tasks done

If you have some habits that affect your productivity, such as using your phones, playing videos, gisting with colleagues and so on, you can just turn those habits to rewards. After finishing a task, you can reward yourself with gisting briefly with your colleagues. This will push you to work harder and smarter because you have a reward waiting for you.

Drink water

Before breakfast, take a cup of water or two. This keeps your body hydrated and keeps you mentally fit. The benefits of drinking water are even more so first thing in the morning. Why? After a 7-9 hour rest, your body is dehydrated. Dehydration can have some pretty nasty affects: dizziness, sluggishness, confusion, and even fainting. During the day, ensure you take water too.

Do you find these tips useful? Drop your comments below.

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