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Fosudo, Elliot, others for June 12 movie

Bakky Adeoye (left) and Edward Olutoke at the briefing in Lagos

Plan has reached advanced stage for the shooting of a new movie entitled June 12. With Desmond Elliot as director, the movie, which chronicles the June 12 saga in Nigeria, is a collaborative effort by Sola Fosudo, Desmond Elliot, Bakky Adeoye and Edward Olutoke.

With a fully stacked cast list, promising maximum entertainment, national healing and viewing delight, June 12 will touch on the very core of Nigeria history and examines the journey to freedom.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lagos to unveil the project, filmmaker Bakky Adeoye observed, “For the first time in history, Nigeria held an election the majority proclaimed to be the fairest, freest and most credible by any standard of democratic settings in the world. By a stroke of pen, the wishes, the excitement and aspirations of millions of people became eternal agony for the land. Few men in khaki met and truncated a process that was about to turn destinies around, June 12 was murdered; the national peace was assassinated,” he lamented.


According to Adeoye, MKO Abiola’s June 12 movement was weaved around the masses and represents farewell to poverty. All these will be incorporated in the movie, which will be shot on locations in Lagos.

“It’s about the realities of the Nigerian political situation from the 1993 election debacle. It is a movie set to capture the pre, during and aftermath of the landmark June 12 election. It brings to clarity the events that marked this historical watershed based on the truelife story. The movie focuses on the hope of Nigerians following the political campaign of MKO Abiola on the SDP platform that a new democracy was to emerge. The peak of the story was the June 12 election, which saw the winning of political power by Abiola and the unprecedented cancellation of the results by the military junta headed by General Ibrahim Babangida, which led to the eventual emergence of General Sani Abacha the greatest dictator Nigeria has ever experienced,” he said.

An initiative of Young Nigerians Against Greed (YNAG), a humanitarian organisation that focuses on alleviating poverty through its War Against Poverty Initiative, the multi million naira movie project is aimed at alleviating poverty, which was the fundamental purpose of the democratic election held on June 12 1993, to better the life of the common Nigerians and empower the youths most of whom were not part of the struggle then.


“June 12 was a day the entire nation put aside their ethnic, religious and socio-cultural affinity to rally round a man and make a statement of self determination but all of that was truncated by the decision of few men. June 12 was a phenomenon; it was used by the devil to thwart many destinies, destroy many homes and shatter many hopes. So, we will use same June 12 to restore hope back to the land through the movie,” Edward Olutoke assured.

Though not entirely an MKO Abiola story, the main thrust of the movie shall be to capture the hopelessness as it was represented at the time, the injustices, the thwarted destines, the soldiers brutalities of the era, the resilience of the Nigerian masses, who will always see hope in a hopeless situation and the restoration of hope as the aftermath of the period.

“June 12 concept will penetrate all sectors of the Nigerian economy and achieve for Nigerian people what June 12 process was designed to achieve originally. Here is kicking off the long journey as we seek the collaboration of the media, good spirited people and the masses generally in waging war against the monster called poverty.
This movie promises to cast the finest actors and actresses in the movie industry both local and international. The search for the right crew and cast is on; interested persons should send a mail to,” Adeoye said.

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