Wednesday, 29th June 2022
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Tade Ogidan partners Solution Media for Gold Statue

Tade Ogidan, is set to partner with Solution Media & Infotech Limited (SMIL) to produce a world-class movie, Gold Statue.

Tade Ogidan, is set to partner with Solution Media & Infotech Limited (SMIL) to produce a world-class movie, Gold Statue.

After many years of inactivity, ace movie producer and boss of OGD Pictures, Tade Ogidan, is set to partner with Solution Media & Infotech Limited (SMIL) to produce a world-class movie, Gold Statue.

Ogidan stated this known at a media round-table held at the Arcade building of Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park and Resort, an arm of Solution Media & Infotech Limited, he noted that the movie would be filmed in four locations – Lagos, Ilesha, Dubai and London – and would feature great artists like Alibaba, RMD, Sola Sobowale, Gabriel Afolayan, Kunle Rhemmy, Rycardo Agbor, Nobert Young, Segun Arinze among so many others.

According to Ogidan, “The primary location for the filming is Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park, which is owned by Solution Media, a company I consider, as having perhaps one of the craziest equipment anyone can find around. The production equipment for the movie is exactly same as have been used for recent blockbuster Hollywood movies.”

While responding to questions on why it took him so long to come up with a movie after the last one, Ogidan said the production of quality film requires lots of funding, research, time and production equipment and the partnership with Solution Media answers these questions, saying, “that is why we are embarking on Gold Statue.”

While noting that the frequency of movies churned out is not really the best idea, another contributor, Ali Baba, who will feature in the movie, said the quality of production that will go into the making of Gold Statue will provide a template for others to follow.

“From the directors, actors as well as technical and cultural values exhibited in Gold Statue, it stands to be a film to watch over again,” Ali Baba said.

Gold Statue is a comedy adventure drama that follows the lives of two young men in search of a Gold Statue. The film will take audience through a series of emotions, intrigues, suspense and drama specially designed for the family.

Solution Media and Infotech Limited is a hi-tech multimedia company operating in Africa and the Middle East and provides full audio-visual media for entertainment and event support companies. Its array of equipment is capable of boosting the latest and most sophisticated gadgets in cinematography.

Ogidan of OGD Pictures, on the other hand, is one of Africa’s respected filmmakers. He has produced many evergreen and memorable movies that stand out in terms of storyline, cinematography and quality, which is expected to come to bear on Gold Statue. Ogidan has produced movies such as Hostages, Owo Blow, Diamond Ring, Out of Bounds, Playing Games, Saving Alero, Dangerous Twins among others.