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5 Things You Must Never Do To Babies


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Being a new parent is always fascinating, however, there are some things that must be avoided in order to ensure your babies are safe and are not open to any form of infections or hazards.

Below are some things to avoid when you have babies with you:

Kiss them

It is a joyful thing to have so many people dote on your baby; however, it is dangerous having people kiss a new born. The immunity of a baby is really low so it is easy for them to get infected especially with herpes, this can lead to a baby’s death. Even if some people appear completely healthy, they may be carrying a strain of herpes that is not visible. This is the Herpes Simplex Virus, or more commonly known as HSV-I. This type of herpes is invisible and does not usually show any outward signs of the disease, and it can easily infect your baby. This is fatal for children under three months, so avoid your baby being kissed.


Sleep on their tummy

Babies who sleep on their tummy have a higher risk of dying because of sudden infant death syndrome where babies can end up inhaling and re-breathing their own carbon dioxide. This is fatal because this cuts off their oxygen supply, which could lead to suffocation and death. It is better for babies to sleep on their backs and as parents; you should keep an eye on them.

Leave soggy nappy on for a long time

Soggy diapers, when left on for long enough, can give a baby diaper rash and make them uncomfortable and restless which could lead to a staph infection. A staph infection comes from a strain of bacteria that lives in fecal matter and this is highly dangerous to young children.

Give them Pacifiers

I know lots of parents prefer giving their babies pacifiers so as to keep them calm; however, there are some health issues that come with this. There is a heightened risk of ear infections, due to the air pressure that forms around the head when frequent sucking occurs. And lastly, offering a pacifier can also affect the baby’s tooth development. Sucking can cause the baby teeth to grow in an under bite or crooked pattern. Going the traditional way at times is important, so you can try singing your baby to sleep.

Leave a clutter on the floor

Leaving clutters on the floor can cause accident for babies. It is always advisable to clear the floor of all hazards. Every time your baby plays, make sure to put away any toys that still might be in the way.


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