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Five Tips On How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Growing long hair is not a problem for a lucky few who have been blessed with a rapid hair growth. But for the rest of us, we need to put in extra effort, dedication, and perhaps,  change our haircare routine every now and then just so our hair grows a bit faster.

If you feel your hair is not growing as quickly as you want it to, here are a few tips to bail you out of that downer

Wash your hair less

Photo Credit: Getty Images

 A lot of people erroneously think they have to wash their hair every day to make it healthy. Actually, it is quite the opposite: the more you wash your hair, the more you are stripping it of essential oils it needs to stay healthy and moisturized. Remember, less is more.

Do not shampoo every time you shower

Photo credit: Pinterest

Funny how many women skip conditioning when showering rather than skipping shampoo, which is actually one of the worse things you can do to your hair especially if you are trying to grow it. The primary purpose of shampoo is to wash away the dirt from your hair not necessarily grow.

Trying hair-boosting supplements
 Your body requires many vital nutrients to create new hair from adequate protein and essential minerals. So look at your diet because while eating a balanced diet helps, you may not be getting the proper amount of all the hair-building nutrients needed to create healthy hair that can grow long and withstand damage.

Avoid heat styling tools
Stop over-styling your hair. If you must use heat, decrease the temperature. If not, you will be risking damaging your hair, leading to breakage and frizz.

Use a silk pillowcase

Photo credit: Getty Images

Pillowcases made from cotton or linen, although they may feel soft, are rough enough to grab strands of hair and cause breakage. Switch to a silk pillowcase. It will stop unwanted friction while you sleep.

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