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Five Travel Beauty Essentials for the Sallah Holiday

To most people in Nigeria, June means that the Sallah holidays are nigh. This means an extended weekend of rest… and travel!

As you pack your bag and set out to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you have to ask yourself two questions. Will you be returning from the holidays with dry, tangled hair, sunburned skin and chipped nails, or will you return looking well-rested and radiant to work on Tuesday?


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a get-away at the beach or a nice place out of town. The key is to pack light while packing multi-purpose items that can come in handy in a pinch. We have put together a few pointers on what you should absolutely pack as you travel.


Unless you want to look roasted and parched when you come back, do not forget your favourite moisturiser at home. Wind, water and luxurious soft sheets are great for putting you in the best mood, but your skin will not thank you when you get back to the real world. Make sure your moisturiser is packed with SPF for adequate sun protection.

Spray bottle

Spray bottle. Photo credit: Giell

Your spray bottle is essential! It should contain some leave-in conditioner, water, moisturising oil (coconut oil or olive oil) and apple cider vinegar. A spritz of this cocktail will keep your hair soft and pliable for the holidays and work-ready when it ends.


Designer deodorants. Photo credit: Vogue

Pack a travel-size deodorant for the weekend. Don’t be that weirdo at the beach with smelly pits. The weather is hot right now and being drenched in sweat will put you in an irritable mood that will put a pall on the restful weekend.

Mini makeup bag

Necesser toilette bag. Photo credit: AliExpress

If there’s any time when you should glow, it’s on holiday, so pack a mini-makeup bag. This should contain the essentials: moisturising face wipes, lip balm with SPF, your go-to lipstick, a powder/conditioner compact, mascara and eyeliner. Remember, the goal is to pack light and functional.


Last but not least, your toiletry bag should include a toothbrush, hand sanitiser, travel-sized soap, mouthwash, shaving stick and a hand towel. Not all hotels will have these essentials, so you should come prepared.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water (don’t be tempted to only binge on alcohol), stay safe and have lots of fun. You’ve earned a break.

Happy Eid-il-Fitr!

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