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Five Ways To Get By This Rainy Season

The rainy season can be an amazing experience for people who have prepared ahead. For most places in Nigeria with bad road and no drainages, it would be a bad experience for people plying such roads.

However, we have prepared a list of ways and items to help you get through this rainy season:

Durable clothing

When you think about the rainy season, the first thing that comes to mind is getting clothes or items that would protect you from getting soaked in the rain. Items such as a durable umbrella, raincoat, a pair of rain boots and pairs of waterproof shoes would come in handy during this season. As much as it may seem like a lot of stress to carry about, it is worthy to note that there are foldable umbrellas, raincoats and even rubber shoes which are waterproof and can fit into a tote bag.

Foldable umbrella Photo credit Pinterest


Windscreen wipers and car batteries

To avoid a car break down or having a bad day during this season, make sure to check that your windscreen wipers are in good condition and fix if not. Also, do a battery check to ensure they are fixed properly to avoid breaking down on bad roads. Risking a weak battery can cost you more if your car goes off.

Inspect your roof

Make sure to fix or replace any crack, loose area, hole or rusty spot on your roofs. You wouldn’t want the rain water getting through as a leakage can weaken the walls and ceilings or cause embarrassments when they fall into your home.

Mosquito nets

Rainwater could serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes especially the female Anopheles mosquitoes which is responsible for malaria. Make sure to double check that water isn’t logged in outdoor containers and also install mosquito nets at your windows and around sleeping areas.

Children in a mosquito net Photo credit Herald Nigeria.

Take Plenty of Vitamin C

To stay healthy in this season take foods and supplement rich in vitamin C. Vitamins C, according to experts, are known to protect you against immune system deficiencies and increase your body’s ability to ward off cold, fever and flu that are characteristic health issues that come with the rainy season.

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