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Style Your Natural Hair In Minutes

The daily struggles of styling your natural hair could prove tougher than climbing Mount Everest while holding your breath.

Keeping a natural hair seems to be the current trend for most African women as most have suffered having bad hairs mostly caused by chemicals in hair relaxers or other hair products.

However boring it may seem sometimes, here are five trendy ways to style your natural hairs:

High puff: This is by far the easiest way to style your natural hair as it gives you simple and overall chic look. Achieving this look is easy as you just have to comb your hair up and pack with your headband while making sure you don’t attach them too tightly to prevent your edges from breaking.

Sleek Bun: Buns are those hairstyle trends that never gets old. Get your gel out with some moisturizers, apply on your hair and softly brush your edges for a sleek look. If your natural hair can’t make a full bun yet, attach an afro bun which can be gotten from any hair store around you.

Roll, Tuck, and Pin: This style requires a little more effort although not so much. With your bobby pins, you could achieve this look in a few minutes as all you have to do is just roll your hair, tuck it in and then pin afterwards.

Turban: This look defines chick. If you are tired of exposing your natural hair or getting stuck on what style to make, play around with a scarf or turban. All you have to do is just wrap, and go!

Natural hair tied with turban Photo credit Pinterest

Flat Twists: The flat twist look is super easy to get with some moisturizer for your edges, a couple of bobby pins to secure the twists at the back and your fingers for twisting. This works for all occasions and can even be used as an underlay for your wigs.

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