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Food Review – Samantha’s

After a long day on a Tuesday afternoon, if you’re looking for a quiet spot to work, eat and of course enjoy a cocktail or in my case, two! Samantha’s Bistro is a great choice.

The Bistro is located at 2 Webb Road, Off Kingsway Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Although the heat outside was unbearable, there is a beautiful outdoor seating area while inside the restaurant is full of light. I sat right by the window, a space I like to call the writer’s spot because I find that creative energy flows easier when you’re close enough to the sun but not necessary burning up. The feel of the place is quite relaxing and homey; it was also great to catch up on some news as the channel was fixed on CNN.

Samantha’s wasn’t too full, as there were about five people seated inside and four outside. The service was quick and the waitress was extremely attentive. Their menu comprised of burgers, sandwiches, pasta, chicken, fish, and all sorts. I was looking to have something spicy initially, but they had a special menu they had scribbled on a mini chalkboard, which probably changes every now and then. So I thought why not try some seafood pasta?  


Right out of the ocean?

I had a choice between tomato and cream based but opted for creamy pasta. This pasta was probably the best I’ve had in a really long time, because it was  perfectly creamy and just the right amount, which left me satisfied.  Of course I added some of my own tobasco, which I conveniently carry around for an extra kick.  The seafood pasta comprised of shrimp and crabs, so it wasn’t as rich as I would have preferred it to be, I had imagined some extra seafood toppings like mussels and clamps.  Usually when you’re served pasta (Italian style) I expect to be offered Parmesan cheese with some black pepper but I had to ask for, and it took a while.

Bistro rum lemonade

I am totally obsessed with fresh lemonade and absolutely hate being offered sprite as a replacement because it’s not the same thing! The bistro rum lemonade was perfection in glass; it had a good combination of rum and lemonade. Super refreshing on hot days and it didn’t seem to have too much sugar, so I treated myself to a second glass. I underestimated the amount of alcohol in the drink as I was completely knocked out the whole way home.



I definitely plan on going back to Samantha’s, I enjoyed the meal so much, I think it’s worth trying out another time. The meals seemed a bit pricy as I spent about 10,000 over all, which was completely unplanned for. I didn’t mind spending the money because I was quite satisfied and felt I had gotten my money’s worth. I think it’s best to go with a friend or two to get some instagram worthy pictures, you could also go alone if you’re feeling reflective or you could be desperate writer constantly looking for inspiration like me!


Sea food Pasta – 4500

Bistro Rum and Lemonade -2800

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