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Review: An Experience Of The Real Oh With Profritas At O Gourmet!

On a rainy Saturday evening, I decided to try out something different and found myself at O Gourmet by recommendation. This boutique restaurant is located at Wole Olateju Crescent (Waterside), next to Bics Garden, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase One.

As I walked into the restaurant, I wasn’t sure of my expectations, but I knew for sure that I was going to have a waterfront experience. The restaurant is indoor and also leads to an outdoor space with a breathtaking view of the Lekki-Ikoyi waterside. I fell in love with this view and how empty the restaurant was.


I picked a cute corner in the outdoor space and waited for my experience to begin. It took the waiter a long minute to bring the menu as I basically had to signal for it myself. My menu came and I realised then that O Gourmet wasn’t a regular restaurant. According to the waiter, it was a Cameroonian restaurant and the bulk of the meals I would have loved to try had to be pre-ordered. How in the seven heavens is a new patron of the restaurant supposed to know this? On my end, I should have done research before heading over there.

Custom cocktail

I ordered the Potafritas which consists of sweet potato fries, fried fish and sauce but I replaced the fish with gizzard. It was also in their Happy Hour menu option and was supposed to come with a margarita. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the ingredients for that and the waiter opted to make me a customised cocktail. The cocktail arrived first in the most wooden of arrangements. Although it was basically chapman with a little bit of alcohol, I enjoyed it. The meal took its sweet time but I had the perfect view and was enjoying being in this quaint space.

When my meal arrived, I was excited to eat something different from what my taste buds were accustomed to. Yet, I was disappointed with the gizzard as it lacked any spice whatsoever. The sauce was a base of onions, spring onions and peppers that did not do much to remove or add to the meal. The potatoes were divine and I had to request for ketchup to eat them with.



I had a good time by myself at O Gourmet. The food and the drinks did not give me the gourmet vibe but the ambience was great. In retrospect, I have never tasted Cameroonian food and I don’t know if this is their way. Regardless, I would be coming back here to try some of their signature food.

Potafritas – N2,500


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