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Review: Convenient Breakfast by Waffle Haus

I’m a bit traditional when it comes to eating out. I’d rather visit a restaurant to buy and eat my food. Yet, living in a digital age has forced me to place the occasional order. So, when I decided that ordering breakfast will be a great start to my day, Waffle Haus popped up on my Instagram feed.

This online store gives you the option of ordering via their Instagram page or website. I ordered via their website and my order was scheduled for delivery the next day. This was because it was not in their normal delivery zone. They also have a policy of payment before delivery.


I ordered from their Brunch Express menu. The menu rotates and lasts for a specific period. I had the American Breakfast, which consists of pancakes, hash brown, fried egg and bacon. The ordering process was seamless. After placing my order, I got a mail with my meal option as well as details of delivery. After payment, I got another mail with the time to expect my order, which was between 7 am – 9 am the next day.

Right on time, I got a text by 7 am the next day to let me know my order was on its way. Before 8 am, the delivery man was outside my office. Excitement washed over me as I unravelled my meal. The pancakes were really fluffy, just the way I like it. I’ve never had hash browns before, it was crispy and definitely added an extra flavour to the meal. I requested for sunny-side up eggs. I usually make mine with butter to give it that salty taste but this didn’t have it but it was fine all the same. The bacon was not thinly sliced which I was grateful for. I should have asked for it fried to a crispy finish but I enjoyed it all the same.

The combination was quite filling and light which is odd. I love my meals hot and this was one of the things that made me sceptical about ordering. It wasn’t a hot meal but it was warm and didn’t affect how I enjoyed the meal.

Will I be ordering from Waffle Haus anytime soon? It depends on what I’m craving at the time. But, it was definitely a nice experience.

There are also special cases of same day delivery.

Price box
American Breakfast: 2,000
Special delivery: 1,500

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