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Review: Is Jamski Restaurant A Slice Of Jamaica In Lagos?

This is not my first visit to Jamski restaurant. As I rush into the space, it is sparsely crowded which I find odd considering that I arrived a little after lunch hour on a Wednesday afternoon at its location on 8a Ologun Agbaje street in Victoria Island.

Jamski Restaurant

My first experience of Jamski wasn’t pleasant as I didn’t like the cocktail I had (I also can’t remember the name) but I am a firm believer in second chances so I ventured to the restaurant again. As I get cosy, there’s reggae music playing in the background at a decent tempo and I believe the lady who got my order is Jamaican (she had the accent) which gave a very authentic feel to the experience. I didn’t notice any other waiter in the space which might be because of the small size of the space and the time I arrived.


Jamski Restaurant

The décor is simple as it had wooden chairs and tables as well as graffiti of Bob Marley and an inscription on the wall. The restaurant is filled with the bright colours of red, yellow. The green, yellow and green of Jamaica is bold on the table mats and cup placeholders.

Popcorn chicken, sweet potato wedges and barbecue sauce

The idea was to have a light meal, so I ordered tropical juice and popcorn chicken which comes with sweet potato wedges. I asked why the chicken was called that and the kind lady told me it was because of the shape of the chicken. I waited expectantly and my meal came in less than 15 minutes. It was much smaller than I expected but I admit that the plating was quite interesting. The popcorn chicken by itself is a little bit underwhelming as it just tasted like plain chicken. The centre of the meal is the barbecue sauce which really brings everything on the plate together.


The tropical juice was quite interesting, I was given the option of having it with ginger but I opted to go without. It was refreshing and complemented the meal.

Tropical juice

Altogether, I really enjoyed the meal; it was a burst of flavours for me.

The service was intimate, the waiter advised that I ate the meal with my hands instead of the cutlery provided and kept on checking on me through the meal. At the end of my meal, one of the owners came to speak to me as he heard it was my first time being there and wanted feedback, which is rare in restaurants. Would I go back there? Definitely and I’d be sure to try to be a little bit riskier with my food selection.

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