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Review: Should You Really Eat At Spurs?

There is always the need to find a good spot to have a nice time out with friends. No place offers that ambience and good pricing like Amazon Spur Steak Ranch or “Spurs” as it’s fondly called. They have several outlets all over Lagos. Yet, my personal favourite remains their space at the Landmark Towers, Water Corporation in Victoria Island.

Amazon Spur Steak Ranch. Photo credit: Lamuytrip


Spurs has a great menu, from breakfast options to proper meals. The best part is that they all come at a fairly decent price. I always order their two-piece chicken and chips (which you can replace with jollof rice. It’s one of the best firewood rice I’ve tasted in any restaurant).

The service was decent; from the moment we entered, we had a waitress dedicated to our table. She did a good job in helping with our orders and delivering the meal in a timely fashion.

I didn’t enjoy my chicken and chips like I have in the past, the chips felt too limp and my chicken didn’t feel like it was properly spiced. I had to eat around the piece of chicken and left a huge portion of it untouched because it was white and dry. I had a glass of coke and cucumber with my meal, which tasted really nice.

Their bill always comes with sweets, an amount appropriate for the number of people sitting at the table. Another good thing about dining here is the free WiFi and the view of the ocean, which makes you spend so much longer than planned.

I’d recommend eating at this restaurant, but don’t be like me; feel free to go crazy on their menu options.

Price Box
Chicken and Chips: 1,300
Coke: 350

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