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Four Inexpensive Ways Of Caring For Your Hair

Everyone loves their hair to look healthy, shiny, and have all the glamour like they see in adverts. Yet, split ends, constant breakage, dandruff and other hair problems are what most people experience causing them to use products that are likely to have damaging effects on their hair.

To avoid joining the train of those who sing sad tales, we have listed inexpensive ways of caring for your hair:


Dandruff is caused by oil clogged skin cells which cause white flakes, dry skin among others. To remove, fill up a bowl with an egg and beer so that it is enough for you to use. Pour on your hair allowing it to reach every part of your hair. Wash out with shampoo.


Shampooing your hair all the time does the opposite of what you want it to do. In fact, it makes the hair unable to take up all the nutrients that you expect it to.


Preconditioning your hair does not only make your hair stay hydrated, it prevents it from having split ends. Preconditioning your hair allows the hair to absorb moisture. To precondition your hair, massage olive oil or coconut oil onto your scalp. Use warm water and shampoo to wash off the excess oil.

Sectioning Clips

Do not use rubber bands to keep your hair in place. It not only causes breakage, it can lead cause balding. This is because it pulls your hair and tightens it aggressively. Instead, use sectioning clips or clamps.

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