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Four Simple MakeUp Tips For Ladies Who Wear Glasses

For most of us who wear glasses, we often think that there is no way we could look good with makeup on. The perception is that no matter the amount of makeup you apply, it most likely would not be visible. Well, that is not true.

Ladies can still be nerdy and look glam, you just have to know the techniques and rock it.

Here are a few ways you could make it work:

Pay attention to your cheeks

Highlights. Photo: Vigorous

When your eyes are covered, what is seen are your cheeks, and you have to make those parts appealing. Make your cheekbones pop by applying a lighter shade of foundation or highlights. This would also make your face appear thinner.

Learn how to contour

This is quite important, work your face up with and take things to a whole new level with the help of a bronzer. Show favour to the top of your nose and forehead and watch yourself glow behind those lenses.

Brace your brows

Appropriate brows. Photo: videezy

Really, you have to get them ready to slay and to do that is simple. Make sure the shape of your brows go with the size and style of your glasses. The smaller the frame, the bigger your brows should be, the bolder the frame, the smaller your brows should be.

Play with your eyes

Use of colorful eyeshadow. Photo: Kamdora

You can drop the idea that those who wear glasses should wear very little makeup now. Rather, go for a bold look, with your striking eye makeup. You could go for the cat eye look or chose to play with colours with your eyeshadow.

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