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Four Things You Did Not Know Made You Gain Weight

There are a few things you didn’t know made you gain weight and you have probably blamed every single weight you have added on food, well you should apologize, because other things which you least expected could be the cause of your weight gain (bummer yeah?).

Well, you would probably need to stop doing a few things you love doing to stay fit.

Sitting for too long

The average adult sits for 9 to 11 hours per day.

This is definitely a major reason for your weight gain especially if you never exercise If your job involves sitting for a really long time you need to make up for it by exercising regularly.

An analysis also states that adults who sit for more than 10 hours per day are at a 34% risk of early death.

Not drinking enough water

More often than not, we mistake our thirst for hunger and tend to eat most of the time rather than drink water when we get this craving.

It is advisable to drink at least two cups of water before your breakfast; studies say it makes you eat 75 to 90 fewer calories over the course of a meal than you otherwise would.


Not packing launch

Chances are when you eat out for lunch you are taking in more calories than you would if you ate something you brought from home.

While restaurant chefs are known for using heavy spices and seasoning than necessary, things like appetizers and desserts you would normally ignore you end up requesting for them because they are more than within your reach now.

Not having healthy snacks within reach

We all know that hunger is one of the main reasons people gain weight.

Avoiding the daily food craving temptations is hard so, it is best to take along with you healthy snacks like nuts (cashew nuts, groundnuts and tiger nuts among others), dark chocolate and fruits.

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