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Gift Ideas For Your Bae This Valentine

Valentine is in the air and everyone wants to go out of their way to get the best for their lover without breaking the bank. You don’t have to get the most expensive gift for your lover but have it in mind that it is the thought that counts.

If you are confused about what to get for that special one, pay attention to what your partner has been saying and if you know that you cannot afford that which he/she wants, go for these options:

Perfumes: Turning heads are what a lot of people want when they wear their perfume. There are a lot of awesome brands and getting the one that suits their personality is all that matters. You can get this and add a box of chocolate.


Flowers: Let us be serious, not many Nigerian women like flowers so before you get this, ensure your lover is a fan of flowers and know her favourite so that your effort will not be wasted. Just like perfumes, you can get a box or two of chocolates and add to it with a love note tucked right in.

Play Station 5 (PS5): Ladies, I know this is not coming out until November but that shouldn’t stop you from getting your boyfriend a very nice gift for him. Go online, check what you can afford, and tease him with a note telling him to look forward to a surprise in November. When he sees the gift, you bet he wouldn’t really mind and would go on to brag to his friends. You know what they say, the patient dog eats the fattest bone.

Spa Session: If you have no idea what to get, you can book a Spa session for you both. It will make the bond stronger and you can both have a quiet and relaxing time.

Beauty Products: Dear men, as you know, women care about how they look and how your bae looks should be a priority to you. Get her a box of different beauty products and watch her squeal with excitement. If you don’t know what she uses on her skin, take a mental note of them when you are in her room or you can ask her siblings to help you.
Netflix and Chill: You don’t have to go out if you want to spend quality time with your lover, you can stay at home with a lot of goodies and Netflix and Chill.

Video Frames: Picture frames are too cliché, why not go for a video frame? You can get pictures of you and your bae playing in the frame, with or without music.

Candlelight Dinner: Make reservations at a very nice restaurant or that which bae has been longing to go to. You can also cook at home. Make this inviting by sprinkling rose petals on the floor, turn off the lights and leave only the candles on and serve your boo, a very nice dinner.

Valentine is coming
Where’s your boyfriend?
You are sitting at home

This song can make you feel bad but being single should not stop you from having fun with yourself or your friends. You can plan with your friends to exchange gifts among yourselves or you can place an order of anything you want and get them delivered to yourself. Bae or not, make yourself happy.

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