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Glory Osei: Keyboard Feminist Or Closet Wife

Glory Osei and Muyiwa

A former employee of the Divergent Enterprise, a Lagos-based company, said the owners of the company Glory Osei and Muyiwa Folorunso got married in Ibadan in 2016 and that they have an “open marriage”.

The couple is currently in the middle of controversies for their alleged high-handedness against their former staffers. Divergent Enterprise operates a number of businesses including Landlagos, PorkMoney, Hyberfactory and Porkoyum.

Osei, who says she is a “negotiation and international procurement expert” is also accused of posing as a single woman on social media.

A former social media executive at Divergent said Osei’s supposed single status maybe because she and Muyiwa Folohunso had an open marriage when she was working with them.

“I’m one of the lucky 2% per cent that did not get fired,” the source said. “I left in 2016 to join another company.”


“We are not allowed to regard them as husband and wife. Anyone who did will be seriously reprimanded. In the office, they related as business partners, no emotional attachments.

“Muyiwa Folorunsho stated constantly that he is open-minded and believes it is okay to get married just to avoid public harassment from people.

However, you can be with someone who also believes marriage should be done to avoid public scrutiny, while you live your life as single individuals”

With an open marriage, they are allowed to go on dates with other people, hide their marital status from people and pose as single individuals if need be. However, we are not sure of how deep their open marriage runs.

Another source, who worked as a content creator at LandLagos – another business owned by Divergent Enterprise – until last month, said she knew the couple practiced an “open relationship”.

Glory Osei often states her strong dislike for men and “Nigerian married women”. It came as a shock when it was revealed yesterday that they are a couple.

Apart from posing as a single lady on the internet, she also dishes advice to other ladies on internet to be strong like she is and enjoy their “singlehood”, make money and enjoy life without settling for any man as women like her cannot afford to be controlled by any man.

Responding to the allegations on Monday, Osei said in a statement that her “social media posturing” was deliberate because she wanted to keep parts of her life private.

“While I am a bit of a public personality I do like to keep certain aspects of my life very private.”

A message sent to Folorunso was not replied two hours after it was delivered.

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