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Here’s what traveling in 2023 will look like

By Guardian Nigeria
11 January 2023   |   12:49 am
People love to travel, whether it's to faraway lands or for weekend getaways, on planes or cars. Tremendous was when the world opened back in 2022, the year that marked two years of being kept on home turf. Last year saw a much-needed return to travel, whether planning a huge bucket list trip somewhere new,…

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People love to travel, whether it’s to faraway lands or for weekend getaways, on planes or cars. Tremendous was when the world opened back in 2022, the year that marked two years of being kept on home turf. Last year saw a much-needed return to travel, whether planning a huge bucket list trip somewhere new, revisiting an old favorite, or escaping home to work remotely from somewhere lovely.

This year, travelers will go one step further and look to deepen their experiences, whether traveling in groups, solo, or with their families. They’ll seek to positively impact the communities they explore and immerse themselves in new, mind-bending wellness practices.

From adaptogenic menus to digital detox, six travel trends are likely to rule in 2023.

Adaptogenic menus

Steve Jobs wrote a list of things he had learned about life, one of which was to eat food like medicine; otherwise, medicine must be eaten as food. Travelers enter a new era of understanding as they go beyond the highly valued nutritional qualities of food.

Certain edible plants and mushrooms contain active ingredients known as “adaptogens,” which have a hidden power: they can help the body combat stress, anxiety, and fatigue. There are several types of adaptogens, including American ginseng, Asian ginseng, Schisandra berries, and Tulsi (Holy Basil).

Besides handling stress, travelers will seek to improve their overall health, cope with trauma, and boost their immune systems. Therefore, trips this year are about more than relaxation, culture, and exploration; they benefit the whole mind and body.

Mainstream solo travel

A survey shows that 25% of Americans planned to take a solo trip in 2022, which will likely continue this year. Traveling alone helps build self-confidence and is a fantastic way to meet new people, as there are no other distractions and you must get in touch with locals and tourists.

However, everyone wants and needs someone to make lovely memories with. Many travelers look for ads and hope to meet solo tourists to share thoughts and impressions, have a drink and a laugh, and create connections.

Suppose you’re looking for an escape alone and hope to find pleasant company that can dive with you into the unknown at the destination. You don’t want to waste precious time finding the best match, so you’re trying to figure out ways to have the time of your life. Many experienced travelers and newbies use online services, so you can, too, type escorts near me and see who you’d like to spend some quality time with. When you’re in the right company and clicking with the person in front of you, you forget about anything, have unique experiences, and feel so good you find it hard to leave.


For some, skipping trips due to the lockdowns meant their travel budgets were higher when the world reopened. And even if this isn’t the case, travelers seem to want mind-blowing, fine experiences and to treat themselves no matter the cost, rather than return home with money.

According to a survey, almost half of respondents admit they want to be more indulgent in their vacation spending habits to compensate for the lack of travel in the last two years and to experience complete culture shock. Flight upgrades, five-star hotels, and customized experiences are on the table for 2023, allowing you to make up for the time spent indoors and in the best way possible.

However, don’t think you’ll have to break the bank for a memorable trip. Luxury travel is about smarter bookings, acknowledging the destination beforehand (through online reviews, photos, etc.), and planning.

Digital Detox

Digital detox vacations and wellness travel are all the rage. Travelers looking to improve their well-being and mental health now have plenty of opportunities for stress-free escapes. Wellness retreats are more than spa treatments and yoga classes, with specific getaways available for anyone looking to rediscover themselves in a personalized way.

If you, too, feel like you need a reset, you can consider the following options:

  • Emotional detox
  • Art workshops
  • Dance retreats
  • Adventure getaways
  • Plant medicine therapy.

By disconnecting from technology, you will connect with the surrounding world. The best part is that some events prohibit using your phone, laptop, or tablet, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll genuinely immerse yourself in the surrounding environment and build real connections with people.

“Work from roam”

According to UK data, work from home increased from 5.7% to 17.9% between 2019 and 2021. Therefore, many individuals can work from an exotic place or visit popular sites without being on leave for weeks.

If you have the chance to “work from roam”, take it and explore the world while meeting new people. You’ll get inspiration, which helps in the creative sector, especially when you feel like it’s drained out.

Hotels, travel brands, countries, and even employers are making it easier for employees to work from anywhere. Some countries, like Portugal and Spain, offer specialized visas to let foreigners cross their borders.

Organized group trips to make friends and have companionship are becoming increasingly common, but you can always go solo and have all the freedom in the world (after work!).

Local communities

Today’s travelers search for extraordinary experiences, local (and sustainable) ones, in particular. When visiting different countries, visitors want to have a genuine experience, which includes eating local food and connecting with people.

Hence, this year is likely to usher in travel itineraries and packages more focused on the local community. This emphasizes the need for travel businesses and hotels to leverage the local culture to engage with the new generation of holidaymakers, all while embracing sustainability.

As stated above, people want to make a positive impact as the world becomes increasingly aware of the state of the earth. To stay relevant, you’ll see businesses adopting sustainable practices and a transition to more eco-friendly designs and operations, including:

  • Accommodation options offering more local products in restaurants and guestrooms
  • Tour operators that ensure their tours are environmentally conscious and create jobs for the locals.

With 2023 here, it’s time to plan your vacation! What’s your itinerary, and what kind of experience are you seeking when far from home?


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